Hodge Podge Weekend

I spent some time last week clearing my back garden of overgrown grass and spread 1 and half tons of gravel around after covering the whole area with weed block membrane. During the weekend I planted up various pots and put in plants, photos still in camera so I am going with the Tomato transplanting ones instead.First I cleared out both mini greenhouses as they were developing a bit of a 'lean'.I levelled out the gravel underneath and righted them.Then I checked all the tomato plants which are all coming on great, fed everything and rearranged the shelves.I had to remove one of the lower shelves as the sunflowers are getting too tall ,they are on the bottom with the red cabbage plants. The second one on the right has 3 Pumpkins on the bottom,Kathryn had started these from seed, these are the ones that made it this far so they have been repotted into individual pots with compost,blood fish and bone and fed with seaweed extract.
In one of them I came across this tray of Golden Sunrise Tomatoes, I had forgotten about. When I was repotting the other ones I had left these to see if there really was much benefit in replanting up to half the stem or up to the the bottom leaves. I think it speaks for itself. They were all tangled and toppled over so I thought I would repot the lot of them into individual pots with the compost mix,adding some crushed eggshells as well.On the top shelf to the right are the 2 Berner Rose brought back down from the ICU and they are bigger than the others which have been out here since early March.I hope they can adjust to the cooler temps out here.

The repotted Golden Sunrise which I now have 39 of!They are much smaller in size than the ones which were repotted in March

On Sat I thought I would bake something for Easter Sunday, forgetting my food mixer has gone to its happy hunting ground after about 15 years of use.Once I had made the decision to bake I was trying to make up my mind when I thought of Lyndas blog Food, fun and farm life in Africa. I turned on the computer and found these lemon muffins with the aid of the Linkwithin gadget.If you do not already have this on your blog get it! I have been reading posts of my own which I had forgotten about.These are a batter mixture so no Mixer required.

I had no lemon or yellow food colouring so instead made butter icing which was the right colour much more lemon than the photo shows,put a wodge on top and spread it with a knife ,added sprinkles and hey presto ,lemon Muffins, they did not last long by Sunday evening all that remains is the photo! There are lots of other flavours, I am going to try the banana next. Thanks Lynda ,never stuck for a recipe with your blog online.


Barbarapc said…
They look absolutely delicious - can see why they vanished so quickly.
Catherine said…
Lovely cakes, sounds good if they are batter instead of mix, quick work! Thanks for your comment on my Rabbitte eating his Greens post, I responded on it.
Your seedlings are really looking good, our polytunnel is about a month behind you I would say. You have been really busy and the mini-greenhouses are really handy.
Lynda said…
Peggy I'm so glad that you made & enjoyed the lemon muffins ! I love the way you decorated them - they look truly yummy :)
Anonymous said…
Hey Peggy,
I love all your variety of plants. They are coming along so well.
Those lemon muffins really look delicious!
Lynda always has the best recipes.
I'm with you, the banana sounds good too.
Hope your Easter weekend was wonderful.
What can I say Peggy, you never seem to stand still, the allotment , the back garden and now a pastry chef as well, what next.
Anonymous said…
Wow, have you slept? Pass me a treat too. I like them iced like that. What are you going to do with all those tomatoes ;) I have a lot too but that is what people keep asking me.

I covet your link love. Wordpress will not let us have it. You can if you want to pay for it. That link love does make you linger a bit longer at someone's blog. I wish I had one.

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