Hydro Allotments 2

I was digging out the sweetcorn bed again, taking up a barrow load of weeds etc and bringing back a barrow load of manure. I had a light bulb moment! We were wondering what to put in to the other part of the old cold frame if you remember Kathryn is trying the mushroom experiment ( she put in horse manure sowed the seeds and must leave it covered with newspaper and the plastic for ten days )in one part of it which leaves about 2 thirds of it free. I thought the very place to put our courgettes so began filling it up with manure which was a slow job.Zwena came on the scene and immediately got Scotty to bring down a load in the digger, photo shows Zwena directing operations and in fairness Scotty dropped it neatly in to the frame.
Why was Scotty using the digger? He is moving the straggling heap of rotting horse manure into a nice high bank, Zwena does this on a regular basis, firstly to tidy it up but it also exposes the well rotted centre of the pile.At this time of year it is done for a specific purpose it is nearly pumpkin sowing time!
If you have been a reader of this blog for some time you will remember Zwena with some of our pumpkin harvest from last year from what was growing on the bank.If not you can read about it here or follow the pumpkin label lower on the side bar for all posts on them
Our Spinach is up and there are tiny rows of green where the carrots and beetroot are sown they cannot be weeds because they are in a straight line!
A view of the refurbished cold frame with the mushroom project under the black plastic and full of compost in the other part waiting for the courgette seeds in a couple of weeks.They should have a nice hot bed by then.In the foreground is the sweetcorn bed, I put in lots of manure and it will be dug over again in about a week incorporating the manure into the soil and hopefully any annual weeds will come up in the meantime and we can get those out before sowing.


vuejardin said…
Great job and lots of hard work, can't wait to see your pumpkin end of season.

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