Edible Bouquet

Another bunch of PSB which I cut yesterday, I was late coming home and almost had it in the pot when I remembered to take a photo which is why it is a bit blurred I just aimed the camera and clicked! It is nice to have something to bring home at this time of the year.It can be steamed with the leaves and stalks on it is so tender.
It is all systems go trying to get the new plot underway as we have so much to get out, the peas are flying up on their pea sticks but something was having a nibble on one or two of them so I put this netting around them temporarily until I take out stakes to cordon them off properly, I have some spares in the greenhouse to replace them
This is going to be the bed for the Sweetcorn when we finish digging it out. Stephen was dispatched up with the pick axe to break up the sods of scutch grass which is as tough as old boots and all the decaying planks of timber which are buried in the ground, another couple of days digging should do it and the corn is ready to go as it is in pots in the mini greenhouse waiting for its turn to go.The bed behind the greenhouse has the off shoots of the Globe Artichoke. The remains of a cold frame were revealed in the high grass behind the greenhouse, Kathryn and Gemma cleared it out last week and put in fresh compost and the section under black plastic is for Kathryn's mushroom growing expiriment!
This bed now has 2 more rows of onions,Carrots which Kathryn grew in peat pots, I broke off the end of the pots as the carrots dont like their roots disturbed.I have seeds of the beetroot Chiogga to go in here as well, the girls put in lettuce plants which they had grown from seed in their beds and they were delighted to see their onions pushing up green shoots!
The early potatoes, Orla, Colleen and Charlotte are pushing up over the soil but I covered them up as we can still get some frost and some of the pops on the plots have got a touch of frost a few nights.
More new plots are being dug out as more and more people are enquiring about them, there are lots of new faces and now there is nearly always someone working on a plot anytime I go out.These will bring our total to about 41 and there are a few families with children coming out too.Big changes on the Hydro Alottments this year it is growing into quite a community.


Anonymous said…
I will tell you why I like coming to your blog---you tend your garden lovingly. It's from the heart. Good looking veges. You are also the most knowledgeable vege gardener I know.

I like your yellow tote bag. That's pretty nifty and stylish to take to the garden.

I share the excitement about the interest in plots. It's a good feeling when someone is hoeing a row beside you.
Darla said…
You are a great veggie gardener with a wealth of knowledge like flowergardengirl said...I always learn something here. You will reap the rewards of your labor for sure..

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