Asparagus is up!

I was reading on Mikes Allotment blog that his asparagus was up and he also said it was remarkably early this year.I went out to the plot this afternoon with the two girls who are on their Easter holidays.
We had a frost on Friday night and the runner beans are looking a bit forlorn.I put up half of the wind break between the field and the plot and did some light weeding. I was pulling out tiny weed seedlings when I noticed IT! One tiny asparagus shoot is up, there is only the one,I checked the bed over thoroughly and put a fleece over it .I am not sure if the frost would affect it but I am not taking any chances.
I do need more than one to make a meal so will be keeping a close eye on the bed from now on.

The new plots across the end of the field are ploughed and fenced and one hardy new comer has in his British Queens already, even though they only got them on Friday.All of the plots have been taken already so we will have lots of new faces , it is building into quite a community.
I covered a section of the second plot with black plastic to keep down the grass and weeds and hopefully this bed will be dug out this week and British Queens and Kerr's Pinks will go in soon.


Darla said…
Our asparagus is going crazy here!!
And what are British Queens, please.
Asparagus is on my "to plant list" for next year. I can't wait.
Peggy said…
The asparagus is everyones homegrown favourite, I suppose because of the price and availability in the shops.It is the waiting for the first harvest that is the drawback!
British Queens are a main crop potatoe!
Anonymous said…
I wondered what British Queens were too. You've done a lot of work and it looks yummy. We have a freeze tonight. You know all my seedlings???? We'll see??They are out there in that about-to-fall-down cold frame.

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