Weeding and Sowing

Even though today is part of the bank Holiday weekend, Kathryn myself and helpers spent most of the day on the allotments in the sunshine.Sinead,Aiofe and Kevin tended to their plots ,weeding and sowing spring onion plants. They have strawberries, onions,lettuce and the spring onions growing. They also have a gladioli and their Sunflowers are hardening off before planting out.Kathryn bought them 3 colourfull windmills to scare off the birds, fixing them took up a good part of their time.
The picnic is a most important part of the day. They look as if they are discussing something very serious! Maybe the price of veg?
Stephen doing his usual back breaking with the pick axe.This is the last of the new plot to be done so he can relax from his arduous duties.The sod has been broken now on all of the new plot so we can dig it over the next couple of weeks. It looks so much cleaner and orderly, the carpet we have been using to cover grass etc can now be retired to the compost heap.
Some of the asparagus which is coming through,it is a bit slow at the rate of 2 spears at a time, hopefully as the season goes on and the weather gets warmer it will hurry up a little.
The broad beans now have flowers on most of the plants but we had to take off some blackfly today as well.
We did a lot of cosmetic work, like weeding the fruit bed and putting on a potash feed. I put in half scaffolding boards at each end to stop the weeds and scutch grass from invading the bed. The asparagus bed was weeded very carefully, as it is a permanent bed annual weeds are a problem.I planted out the red onions as well.The onion and garlic beds were weeded so the two plots are looking spruced up.There is no sign of pigeon damage or slugs so far.


Oh heck, that reminds me. I have asparagus in the fridge that I haven't cooked. Store bought not home grown, at least not by me. Maybe tomorrow I will cook it.
Anonymous said…
Gardeners in training is always exciting. You have the happiest garden and it's fun to hear you talk about it.

I'm watching a beaver feed its young some trout eggs. There is a special about Yellowstone National Park on the Discovery channel. I love it. I love all things nature.

I was so proud this week. My soap solution worked and all my aphids are gone--woo hoo.
Ann said…
Wow, flowers on your broad beans already! We only put ours in the ground yesterday. I can just imagine the taste of your home grown asparagus - yum!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
I like the idea of the picnic too!
How is the windmills working out? I need a few of those to scare off some critters here.

We've had asparagus for a few weeks here. I am so glad I decided to plant it. I am sure yours will be popping out all over soon.
It is nice you have such wonderful helpers!
Have a good day.
Lindab said…
Love the 'old' small fry! That looks an ideal picnic set-up you have. Thanks for your advice on the tatties. I'll be following your progress with yours.
Barbarapc said…
Looks like Sinead, Aiofe and Kevin are exceptionally serious gardeners - such concentration! And, what great looking gardens they've created. It's only a matter of time until they'll be reaping their first harvest.

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