Slug pubs in place

The Runner beans which I replaced this morning,well most of them. The first lot fell to a late frost,the slugs and snails got most of the second lot and this is the most recent( I won't say last) sowing.They are the small greener ones,they have been well hardened off outside for the last few days and do look tougher than any of the others that went out.I bought really cheap beer in cans (paintstripper) and filled about 6 empty yogurt cartons and sunk them into the ground, they can hardly be seen in the photo. I have about 3 spare plants in case of any further disasters.There are lettuce and Calendula interplanted on the bed also.
A close up of the Spinach and the Beetroot and of course the weeds! The dwarf beans can just be seen at the top of the photo.The parsnips and carrots are very slow to come on, it must be the weather as it is still getting very cold at night, some nights it has been back down to 5 or 6 degrees.I am going to replant some more of these seeds to fill any gaps ( a lot of gaps)we are supposed to have warmer weather on the way so the new seeds may very well catch up with the first lot of seeds.
The fruit bed with its mulch of hay to keep the budding strawberries up off of the ground, a Borage plant in the background is getting huge! They are a good companion plant for the veg garden and especially for strawberries but should be dug up after one year as they develop a big tap root which can be hard to eradicate if it gets too well in!Borage could be planted in a spare corner out of the way and left to its own devices where it would not take over a bed. The flowers are edible and can be frozen in ice cubes for summer drinks too.
I forgot to take photos for the last few days and finished up a little early today to concentrate on taking some and the batteries died in my camera!
I am off to the Bloom Garden Show in Dublin on Friday with my sister for the day.I won two tickets in an online draw on Irish gardeners forum and we are travelling up by train in comfort.Both of us are taking our cameras so there will be lots of photos to show.


Haha! Slug Pubs! I love your name for the beer traps and will adopt it from now on!
Catherine said…
Well done Peggy on the Bloom tickets - it looks like a lovely event. Iwon't be in Dublin this weekend, was there last weekend. I have been harvesting a few strawberries every evening, about a half pound. they are from suckers of original plants we bought in 1998! So they are generations old from the parent plant and still prolific,we overwinter them in small pots or even in the ground, let them die off and then revive them in spring with a replanting and they are grand. Weeds are a killer though as we don't have straw, just in rows, and have to weed manually.
Hope our tunnel does well this year, it needs sunshine though.
Enjoy weekend - Catherine.
What a fun trip. You and your sister will have a fabulous time, I am sure. Your garden looks great. But, darn those slugs....
Linda said…
War on slugs - I'll bear your paintstripper technique in mind when I eventually plant my beans out.

Enjoy the show - will look forward to the pictures.

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