Pumpkin Trilogy

Kevin came out to the allotment today with the girls after school.They showed him where the pumpkins were planted and he put his one in near theirs,they also took him up to see the hens.They spent some time practising their hen calls as the hens did not take too much notice of them!
I only took one photo! The second plot is now dug over completely and set into beds ready for planting out.I put in 2 courgette plants and one outdoor cucumber into the old cold frame which had been filled with horse manure a few weeks ago. I watered the corn some of which is still a bit sorry looking.I also put out 4 squash plants which were in the greenhouse as some of the ones already out had died off in the cold of the past few weeks.
I bought 2 cans of cheap beer in one of the discount retailers for the slug pubs but forgot to take out the containers, the slugs are very much in evidence for the last few days so they have free rein until tomorrow.


Catherine said…
Hi Peggy, lovely posts on your allotments and the kids are great to get so involved. haven't planted pumpkins this year but did a few years back. I have just planted courgettes and tomatoes in the tunnel and am picking strawberries daily, only a quarter pound or more but enough in a couple of days to make a pot of jam or use them for fresh fruit or dessert! hope you are having a good growing season. Haven't been too busy on the blog lately as I have too much else on, must try soon to update with something interesting! Are you in Corrigan's city farm? Saw it tonight, first time. Seems like fun!
Anonymous said…
Kevin's pumpkin plant looks wonderful!
It sounds like the planting is going well.
I had a few squash plants die off, too.

I am sure those hens will be answering back to the children's hen calls before long.

Have a great day.
sharonl said…
The pumpkins look great! hope ours turn out as nice, we've sown 'invincible' which looks pretty unusual and should be ready to go out in another week or two, same with the courgettes.

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