Waitng in Line

Its a waiting game now with stuff to go out to the plot.We have had so much rain and more forecast for today and tomorrow that the ground is sodden and it is impossible to even put a spade into it, its just muck.The courgettes and Marketmore outdoor cucumbers are in the tomato house with the pumpkins in there also.The tomato house is getting crowded so I will have to do some serious culling and donating of plants. I will probably have enough room for two of each variety when they are repotted into the next size pot
Blossom on the Tigerella tomatoes, I will pinch out the tops of all of them at 4 trusses to help growth and not to have them growing up too high .
Mini greenhouse, most of this stuff should be in the ground by now but is still sitting here. I open up the fronts of them every day as none of these actually need the heat inside, they would just grow long and spindly.
The second mini greenhouse more of the same just waiting. Between the two of them are,basil and sage,parsley,dill, lettuce,snapdragons,nasturtiums,celery,calabrese and the repotted Golden Sunrise tomatoes that were all tangled up a few weeks ago.I have put some of the herbs out to the plot on the new herb bed but they are probably buried under muck at this stage.
This is all that is left on the windowsill now and will be going out to the mini greenhouse in a day or two and the windowsill will be bare for the first time since mid January! This is a third sowing of runner beans,a late frost got the first few put out, the slugs and snails have denuded the ones put out a couple of weeks ago, there are just bare stalks clinging to the bean poles!There are about 17 here and popped up in a few days even out through the sides of the loo rolls they were so eager to grow.I will sow a few to have in reserve just in case.There are a few late developing courgettes and cucumbers in the other tray once the faster ones were repotted and put out these had enough room to come up.
Does anyone know why UKTV/gardens has disappeared from the Sky tv lineup?


Darla said…
It is so neat to have plants waiting in line...I have some myself!
Well, gardening teaches us patience if nothing else. It all looks great Peggy - what a harvest you are going to enjoy!
Ann said…
Hope you had a sunny day today like we've had here Peggy, I bet you'll be glad to see your window sill again! You've grown an amazing amount of plants.
evening Peggy'

just a quick hello,

talk to u soon
Goldmember said…
I was annoye about UKTV gardens too.

No notice - just gone and replaced with more junk.

Be careful with handing out your spares peggy. Hold a few back of each and if they are still alive after being out for a week or so then consider giving them out. I lost quite a bit over the months and hastily handed out all the extras only for mine to keel over.
Peggy said…
I am glad someone else noticed the demise of UKTV gardens!I loved it and had it on anytime I could sit down we have cookery programmes coming at us from every channel but gardening seems to be getting short shrift?!
CarBasics said…
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minigreenhouse said…
Great post.

UKTV - pah !!

carl - www.minigreenhouse.org.uk

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