Television on the allotment

Some of the flower plants hardening off on the patio table this morning. They are nasturtiums and anthirrinum (snapdragons). The morning was warm and sunny if a little windy so I put them out for some fresh air. I decided to go out to the allotment as the weather held and was out there for around 11.00am.I straightened the potato drills of the main crop, British Queens and Golden Wonders, as some of them are pushing through now.I had a bag of hedge clippings which I put down between the drills and a bag of grass cuttings which I put on the drills which will hopefully cut down on some of the weeds.I put hay under the strawberry plants some of which have good size strawberries already and did a lot of just general tidying up and weeding. The rain arrived about 1.30 pm heavy and persistent so I did not hang around to take anymore photos!
One I had taken earlier, before the rain and weeding the fruit bed. This is the blackcurrant bush which has a fine crop of fruit in evidence.The raspberry bushes have fruit and the 2 of the blueberries are fruiting but one which I hope is because it is a different variety has nothing on it yet.
On Thursday Chris and Maeve, two of our new young plotters are on Tv on RTE 1 at 8.30 pm on the Rte/Supervalue competition 'Recipe for Success'and some of the coverage is on the allotments.The competition shows the contestants battling it out to get their recipe produced and on the shelves of the supermarket chain. Chris and Maeve are involved with the slow food movement and are organizing a slow food event on the allotment in August... more of that later.They shared a plot last year but this year have taken on a plot on their own.


Anonymous said…
hi peggy,
is it television on the allotment or the allotment on television???
i will be watching!
Goldmember said…
Hi Peggy,

Very interesting follow on to the garlic Dillema we face. I hope you succeed with your efforts. It would be such a pity if we lost the crop after all the tlc they are receiving.

I love nasturtiums, leaves and flowers make such a fantastic addition to a salad and they look great too.

We dont have tv crews on our plot but Im pleased to see several new neighbors working their fingers to the bone around me. Some lovely families who I have had the opportunity to offload so may extra plants we dont have the space for and offer advice on planting depths and spacing etc.


I'm not a tree said…
Hi Peggy,
You're getting fruit already?!
That's great.

I just bought some raspberry, blueberry and blackcurant plants from homebase about 3 weeks ago but I think I have to wait until next year for any fruit?
Linda said…
That looks to be an impressive crop of blackcurrants this year.
What fun to have the TV cameras in. Will look forward to hearing about the slow food event.
Peggy said…
I'm not a tree:
Hi and welcome. You could have blackcurrants this year, and raspberries depending on whether you got summer or autumn fruiting ones.Have you any blossom on any of them yet?
Blueberries are acid loving plants and need ericacious compost to do well. If you scroll down the labels on my blog to blueberries you will see how we sunk ours in big pots with the correct compost
I'm not a tree said…
Thanks peggy - I'm not sure if they're summer or autumn fruiting yet - soon see I guess!
No blossom yet - they're still baby stalks at the moment.
Yes I saw online that the blueberries had to have special compost and only like rainwater - so bought a water butt too - which I haven't attached to the downpipe yet - but we've been getting plenty of rainwater from the sky so no harm there!

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