Hens are in !

The hens have arrived in the allotment!The girls were taken down to visit after planting their pumpkins.They have settled into their new home and Zwena says they will start laying in about 2 weeks.
Aoife filling the food hopper, Zwena fixed up water and food hoppers to feed the hens automatically.
Some of the baby chicks in their enclosure, they were in a cage but Zwena thought they were not happy and set up this long area which is wired off and they have lots of freedom but seem to like huddling together.
Julie, one of our new plotters has done trojan work in a very short time but is waging war on rabbits and slugs!


Oooh, how exciting! We would all love to have hens on our site too but Cheeky the Fox is firmly resident so we have to be satisfied with bees instead. I'll watch your hens with interest.

Have a great week Peggy.
All the best
sharonl said…
Wow! what a site! I'd absolutely love hens but unfortunately there wouldn't be much point in pushing for it as I live too far away to be able to go up every morning and evening to feed them before and after work. It takes about 40 minutes for us to get to the allotment, although with the evenings longer it means we can go straight after work now for an hour or too. Good luck with them.
Peggy said…
The hens do add an extra dimension to the allotment and once they are out and about pecking in the field it will be great. We have foxes here too and we have seen them quite clos by but hopefully the new wire fences will hamper them and the hens are in an old stone house, not easily entered.
Ann said…
Oh great - I'd love some hens!!! They'll really help with the insect pests too won't they.

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