Surprise Post!

I am just in from town (Cork City)where I only go when I have to as I am allergic to shopping! I could see the two very interesting and lumpy parcels before I opened the door when I returned. I knew immediately who they were from as both very good blog friends had told me they were on the way but for both to arrive together made for double the surprise and excitement when opening.
Ann who writes Calico and Cards blog had kindly sent me one of her beautiful handmade tote bags.I love the loop fastening Ann, and as I am starting a little sewing item for my swap in Anna of Flowergardengirl garden letters, my embroidery items (all of 2 at the moment!)which I am going to begin after many years lapse will have a very suitable home.
Lynda of Foodfunfarm blog in Tanzania in East Africa sent me a length of typical Kitenge cloth with a beautiful handpainted card. I have just the item begging for a makeover for quite some time and both of these items will be used for it. Thank you so much Lynda.If you want to read the history of these cloths the post link is here
I will save the very colourful Tanzanian stamps in the hope I will hear of someone who collects stamps which I think is another dying hobby as so many children are now into computer games and miss the fun we had from this very interesting and educational hobby.


Goldmember said…
Crikey Peggy you and your magic helpers have been so very busy, I have enjoyed catching up with your last few posts.

The picture of your sweet corn looks grand.

Regarding your squash: I had the same problem with the courgette seeds we saved from last year.

Planted 32 - 32 grew. And grew and grew. Fortunately we have found loving homes for most of them now.

Sshhh- Thinking of doing some gorilla gardening with the rest in the council’s sorry excuse of a flower bed in town. That would be incredibly naughty :o)

We share our allergy to shopping. Its gets especially-really bad around shoe shops and handbags in department stores.
I love getting parcels!

After a mad weekend I've been potting on more tomatoes and peppers today. Very calming to my tired self. I'll be posting about the mad weekend sometime this week, when I've recovered and have more energy!

Ann said…
Glad it arrived ok Peggy.

I've just checked my veg plot and the things I put in at the weekend have really perked up. The barrier I put round has stopped the cats and the fox leaping about on it too.
Catherine said…
Hi Peggy, nice to see you aren't the only one allergic to the city! I spent last Saturday week in Cork and didn't stir from Wilton shopping centre where I had deposited 13 yr old and her pal to shop out Penneys for the afternoon, while I vegged out in a coffee shop over soup and cappucino for about 2 hours till they joined me and had chips. So I can empathise about the city!
I love your pressies, nice to get handmade stuff from fellow bloggers! Isn't Kitenge cloth lovely? I have some as tablecloths and curtains and cushion covers. I keep meaning to find time to do some crafty things but knitting is as far as I get, there are things crying out for sewing and dressmaking, still have silk from Laos that I haven't done anything with. Time not enough. You mignt like my last post on our festival - have a look, you might even be tempted to visit Lismore inJune!
Lynda said…
Peggy, I'm so thrilled that the parcel arrived with you safely ! I know how clever you are with your hands, so can't wait to see what you come up with & make/use the kitenge cloth for !
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
The tote bag, the Kitenge cloth and the handpainted card are all beautiful!
I can't wait to see what you do with them.
You're right. Stamp collecting was a lot of fun. I used to collect stamps when I was around 9/10/11.
Maybe your colorful stamps will excite some of your grandchildren into stamp collecting!
Have a great day.
Anonymous said…
Well this sounds grand! Get to work! I love the cloth and bag--lucky you.

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