Bird Scarers

A view inside the Tomato Condo as Keewee called it.Most of them have been repotted apart from the Golden Sunrise which were re planted into trays a few weeks ago after getting spindly left as seedlings too long. They will now have to be repotted during the week as they are nearly catching up on the others!When they get bigger there wont be room to move in there!
Have you ever wondered what to do with all those free Cds that come in the Sunday papers? I decided to make them into bird scarers ( read about it somewhere). The first day I only put one hole in each Cd which did not allow them to 'spin'.I found by putting in two holes and tying in very thin wire, I am sure string would do as well, they spin around furiously especially in the wind we have been having. I think the bird scaring idea is that they reflect flashes of sunlight(?)as they spin.
I heated a bradawl on the ring of the gas cooker...
With a chopping board underneath it punched holes through very easily...
The scarecrow now has Cds in threes dangling from his 'hands'! It is difficult to see them in the photo as they were blowing so much. I also hung a string of two on the bean frame.


Anonymous said…
Ummm...ok, the shiny cd's may scare some birds....but aren't magpies attracted to shiny things? You may end up with your very own magpie sanctuary on the allotment!
Aisling xxx
sharonl said…
what a brilliant idea!! I wonder does it work on squirrels!!
Peggy said…
Aisling:Havent seen any magpies out there!
Sharonl: no squirrels either but lots of scavenging bunnies, who think they are in fast food heaven!
Thank you. I knew I wanted to use old cd's in this way but didn't think about burning a hole in them. Also if you can get cheap plastic snakes lay them around the garden....I thought I would need a lot of these for blackberries but looks like that last freeze killed a lot of the fruit.
Goldmember said…
Great scarecrow peggy. Must make one with my boys for the plot.

Are you indending to grow the tomatos indoors this year or will they go outside?


Old CDs have been a tried and trusted method of bird-scaring on my plot since... ever! I can't remember who first alerted me to this method but they really do work well.
I am much lazier than you though Peggy! I just tie them through the hole that's already there and string them together like a mobile. They work a treat - no magpies either!
Anonymous said…
That so clever. Has it been working?

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