Pumpkin Planting

Saturday dawned wet so we did not know if the planned pumpkin planting could go ahead but by 2 pm it was dry and sunny so off we went.Kevin had a busy social weekend with parties so his one will have to go in during the week.I took lots of photos so this is actually 2 posts ,one for the pumpkins and one for the hens.Zwena digging out the first hole on the muck ( dung) heap.
Sinead's pumpkin is safely in.
Dad was roped in to dig the second hole for Aoife but obviously did not know he was going to be standing on a dung heap!
The two pumpkins with name tags settled in, we also planted out some nasturtiums to provide some colour while the pumpkins are growing . More families arrived later so there were more plants and seeds put in.Zwena intends to have a pumpkin competition again this year. The adults planted theirs on the big muck heap but as this would be too dangerous for the children she got the ever obliging Scotty to construct a much smaller one for the kiddies pumpkins and has also planted some fruit trees and made a nice area for the kiddies to play in safely.


Looks like everyone got into the act. Couldn't believe the guy dressed in the suit digging in a dung heap!! Where are his jeans and muck boots?

Just wonder... you do have a schedule for planting, certain days for certain seed/plants?
Goldmember said…
I agree, the picture of "Dad" Planting Pumpkins on a pile of horse poo in his Sunday Bests is priceless.

Everybody is having so much fun. Great to see.
Darla said…
Seems we have all enjoyed the "Dressed Up Dad". Cute photos.
Peggy said…
Well at least the dressed up Dad took it on the chin and 'mucked' in with a smile!
Latane, I have read and have the moon planting guide but this year we have had such bad weather I am putting things out if the day is fine and I need to move somethings to gain some space.
Jo said…
Hi there Peggy, I've not been here in a while, in fact since Lynda (Tanzania) has not posted. I LOVE your allotments and the way the whole family, including executive Dad helps. I will be more regular in future. (((Hugs)))

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