Winter veg

Last year once we had picked the final lettuce we had nothing in the allotment for the winter. I think we had put so much work in to clearing the plot we needed a rest from it. This year even though all the summer veg has now been cleared away there is quite a good crop coming on through the winter months. The purple sprouting broccoli under its netting is doing well but we have to keep checking the netting is secure on the ground to keep the rabbits out.

The leeks, earthed up again. they are growing fine but I am not sure when they should be ready?

The Celery also earthed up is doing OK. It must be covered with fleece in case of an early frost.

The parsnips now have the bed to themselves since the beetroot was taken up.

And last but not least our Sprouts. They are under netting too and I cleared the ground around them of yellowing leaves etc to stop any slugs etc from overwintering on them. I did have to pick off a few snails again but not as many as last time. So...there is still quite a lot of interest for the winter, especially as we have not grown any of these before.


Did you know that you can control slugs by leaving little lids or saucers filled with beer amongst your plants. The slugs love beer and they drown in it. Really humane person, am I not? ha.
The Tile Lady said…
Beautiful veggies, Peggy...I bet they will be delicious when you harvest them! Hope you can keep the snails at bay.
Anonymous said…
Hey Peggy,
The vegetables are looking really good.
I haven't tried growing celery before. Did you plant seeds or plants?
Great pictures of it all too.
Have a good day.
Peggy said…
Thanks for all the comments,we do use beer in empty yoghurt containers, Latane! I bought celery plants Pam,I saw them one day and thought we would give them a try and so far so good!
RainbowMom said…
So enlightening. Silly me never knew one could grow veggies in the winter! This is why I love your blog. :)

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