Apple & Tomato Chutney

We are having a 'Pickle day' on the allotment at the end of Oct. Chris is organising it. It is going to be a swop day for produce and/or advice. I have to admit I have never pickled anything before and can only remember tasting a glutinous brown goo once and have never tried it again! I thought I should try something for the pickle day and so what I brought home from the allotment the other day was sitting there and I thought what the hell....! Chris had left me a recipe ( pinned up in the greenhouse) for beetroot pickle but Angela had tried tomato chutney using the red and green tomatoes. i went online and found a simple recipe on ( lots of lovely easy recipes) The one I used is:
1kg Cooking apples,peeled and cored
1kg Tomatoes (red or green or a mix)
I also added the small green peppers I had
500ml vinegar
500g onions
250 grm dried fruit
500grm soft brown sugar
half teaspoon: cayenne pepper, mustard powder, ground ginger or other spices
Or you can cheat and use a pickling bag of mixed spices (bought)
Finely chop apple, tomato and onion, can be done in a food processor, use half of the vinegar and put everything in a large saucepan.
Simmer uncovered for 2 hours adding remains of vinegar as it cooks.
The chutney is done when a spoon drawn across leaves a clear trail with no traces of liquid.
Pour in to hot clean jars and store in a cool dark place for at least 1 month before eating.
This made 6 jars, it smelled devine ,looked nice as I had left some chunky bits instead of processing all of the ingredients, it did taste Ok too. I gave son in law Rob a jar to try when ready so if he suffers no ill effects..... Now to try the beetroot pickle

Comments said…
Hi, Just like to say what fantastic pictures you have taken, well done.
The information is very handy to, thanks
Joiner Sheffield
Peggy said…
Hi,woodfx,Thanks for leaving a comment, I paid your site a visit out of curiosity! Good place for tips and ideas on woodwork and easily navigated too.Is gardening a hobby to get away from the drilling and sawing!
Sounds yummy, Peggy. I am anxious to hear about the swap day. That ought to be fun.
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
The Apple and Tomato chutney sounds delicious. I don't think I would have thought of the combination but I imagine the different flavors really blend well together.
I still have lots of pears, I wonder...if pear/tomato chutney would be good??
Have a great weekend.
The Tile Lady said…
Oh, Peggy, how exciting! Your first pickles! I bet they are delicious! I made my first years ago when we were living in Arizona (and haven't made much since, I hate to say!) out of prickly pear cactus fruits. It was a chutney recipe and had other things added with the chopped prickly pear fruits, but I can't remember the recipe. It turned out SO GOOD and I was really proud of it! The down side was that the tiny little cactus spikes ended up all over the house!!!! They were hair-thin and very sharp. They were in the carpet and well, just everywhere, for months after! I tried to figure out how on earth people ate the prickly pears and dealt with the spikes....could they have a blow torch taken to them to burn the spikes off, before they were ever picked, for instance....but I never found out. It was quite an experience! Good luck with the beets--thank goodness they have smooth skins! :-)
Peggy, You are a favorite of mine so I tagged you. Go to my blog and pick up your tag. Latane
Peggy said…
Hi everyone, I have not been online for a few days so thanks for visiting and leaving comments in my absence.
Pam, I googled pear chutney and you will be spoiled for choice!Spicy pears seems to crop up a lot like pears and ginger, but pear and tomato...?
Tile lady, thanks for the laugh, your post is so funny, it conjures up some strange mental pictures.
Latane, thank and I am on my way over!
Lynda said…
I love the idea of a Pickle Day & swapping items with each other. I must admit that I, too, have always been wary of making pickles/preserves incase they go off or flop ! Mmmm ... now let me see, if I were to attend your pickle day, what would I bring to swap with everyone ? Ahhhh ... I know .... some jars of traditional curried African beans :)

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