Autumn clearing

A lovely autumn harvest.The last of the summer? grown veg from the allotment.Kathryn and the 2 girls were out on Sunday and got peas ( the ones the rabbits had left)!The rabbits got under the netting and chewed a lot of them again. She also got the last of the cucumbers.I cleared the rest of what we had in the greenhouse. Tomatoes,some still green, small oddly shaped peppers, one had gone red, I pulled all of the beetroot, going to try my hand at pickling them.I also got some Swiss chard , pulled after the photo was taken.

Another cauliflower, small but perfectly formed but they turn in to this....

The florets just grow up in to long stalks!

After clearing the greenhouse I moved in our strawberry plants in their pots as we do not have a bed for them at present. The permanent fruit bed is undergoing major restructuring. The remains of the greenhouse plants were put on the communal compost heap and I added the compost to the now defunct carrot barrels. Kathryn has late carrots in a bed and she is going to try replanting them in the barrels for winter, away from the clutches of the rabbits. The barley fields have now been harvested so the rabbits are back up in the allotments foraging! It is just an idea so we will see how they do in the barrels as we had a great crop of carrots from them during the summer when the carrot fly was the pest to deter.


Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy.
It is a lovely autumn harvest.
The rabbits are chewing my cucumbers right now. I didn't have a lot of luck with carrots in the spring but I have some planted now to try for fall.
Great photos.
Have a good day.

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