Q.E 2, Cobh

The liner Queen Elizabeth 2, sailed in to Cobh yesterday.She is on her last voyage before sailing to Dubai to become a floating hotel. I remember my father taking us to see the original Queen Elizabeth many years ago, but that time it was berthed out by Roches Point. Now there is a deep sea dock in Cobh, the cruise ships can come right into the town. It is not the biggest ship that has come in, the Independence of the Seas actually dwarfed the whole town when it came in a few months ago.

Another view of the ship with a lot of schoolchildren who were brought down by their teachers to see the ship.What a great way to get a sense of history and it was a beautifull crisp autumn morning, much easier to learn in the sunshine than being stuck in a classroom reading the story out of books.

This is looking down on the QE2 from the heights of Cobh.Cobh is a harbour town built into the side of cliffs, surrounding the harbour.The town council have made souvenir handkerchiefs available for waving goodbye to the ship this evening. When emigrants left from Cobh ( Queenstown as it was then known) to the new worlds,their relatives waved at them leaving on the tenders taking them out to the ships in the harbour. This was the last memory many had of their native land, the sight of handkerchiefs waving from the quayside.

Thefunnel of the QE2 towering over the quayside

Looking down the length of the ship in lovely autumn sunshine


The second post was very sad but wonderful in remembrance of those lost in the sinking of the ship. I am so glad that Cobh saw fit to clean up the cemetery and pay tribute to those lost.

This post was great. I have been on a ship (moving in the water) once and was seasick the entire time. Me and my little family were returning from Elbert's tour of duty in Hawaii and Midway Island and decided coming back to the US by ship would be more exciting than flying. WRONG... for me, anyway. Hubby, who had been on many ships in the Navy, did fine. He watched the children while I lay in my bunk (we were on a military transport) too sick to raise my head.
Peggy said…
Poor Latane, I was sea sick once on a return journey in very bad weather from The UK. It is the most awfull feeling imaginable.At least I only had myself to think about,and did not have the extra responsibilty of children.i dont think military transport were built for comfort at the time either!
Glad you enjoyed the posts.
The Tile Lady said…
Peggy, these three posts are so filled with information and interest! I will comment on each separately, but I am so glad you decided to post your visit to Cobh. The QE2 is a beautiful ship! My goodness--how wonderful it must have been to see it! Did you get to go inside? We toured the Queen Mary after it came to the US to make a new home, and were just bowled over by how beautiful it was! And so big! Really fascinating! Sorry QE2 is headed to Dubai--only the rich will see it now.
Peggy said…
Hi Tile lady, we did not get to go inside,I was reading a report on our local paper tonight from a lady who actually worked on the ship for a number of years.It has all wooden decks,13 in all,6 or 7 restaurants,a shopping arcade with its own branch of Harrods ( back then).This lady worked on it when the really rich were on board.Some of them used to book a penthouse for themselves and another one for their luggage!It is the last of the great liners, a grand old lady of the sea.
Anonymous said…
Nice to read u'r post, use to live in East Ferry, so I really love Cork harbour. AJ
Peggy said…
Hi AJ, East ferry is a beautifull part of the harbour, with a lovely yacht marina.Glad you enjoyed the post.
Best Wishes to all
The Tile Lady said…
Wow, it sounds as gorgeous as I remember the Queen Mary being! Sorry you didn't get to go inside.

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