Feng Shuiing the Blueberries

The title is the comment daughter Aisling made when she phoned me at the allotment this afternoon. Our Blueberries were not performing because they were in the wrong soil! They like acid (Ericacious) soil , I got this advice on http://www.irishgardeners.com/ There is an excellent thread on blueberries for anyone wishing to grow them. I dug over the end of the fruit bed and added the patch where Kathryn dug out the peas so now they have an L shaped des. res.

I priced the largest pots around, some shops were charging up to 11e for them but good old B&Q (Homebase in the US) had them for 6.45e. They are 30 cms, which is the largest I have seen. I filled the bases with about 2ins of gravel for drainage, dug out a big hole and added some more gravel for the base of the pots to rest on. Blueberries don't like their feet wet!

One of the pots in the ground.

The Blueberries in their new bed.They were easy enough to dig out of their original positions as the root balls were not very big, they had hardly left their comfort zone of the ericacious compost they had come in.I backfilled the pots and firmed them in with plenty of compost around the tops about 5 feet apart, I think we have learned our lesson about putting plants in too close together. One plant still had a label so I know it is a Northland , hopefully the other two are a different variety. We will have to check the blossoms next year to compare them and then we will know if they are different. Blueberries are supposed to crop better with mixed varieties.So they have been thoroughly feng shuiid and should have Zen plus Ying and Yang after all that work between the showers this afternoon.

We have to wait months to find out!!


Anonymous said…
Ha! Ha! Ah yes grasshopper....you have learned your lessons well. You shall most certainly have the most zen-like blueberries by replanting them in this most auspicious way....You'll be planting fruit and vegetables according to the zodiac next!
Aisling XXX
Lynda said…
Peggy, it looks like you had a busy day ! (I love the post title too, by the way !) Sorry I haven't popped in to your blog for a visit for some time now, but you know how hectic it's been here in Africa lately ... it's nice to catch up on all you've been doing though ... am off to read about the beetroot pickle now. Yum :)
Bye for now
Peggy said…
Aisling,Have you read my post on Moon planting?!

Hi Lynda,its nice to see you back again, you have had a busy time with visitors and poor Zonde.I have made a note of your spicy pork chop recipe!
The Tile Lady said…
Peggy, I love knowing more about growing blueberries. Thank you so much foir posting this!

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