I went out to the allotment this morning in glorious sunshine but it was freezing cold.There has been snow as far south as the Wicklow mountains and it is still only October!It is definitely glove wearing weather out there from now on.The remains of the sunflower left in situ to feed the birds for the winter, it is growing on the plot next to ours which is used by Liam and William
The last rose of summer left blooming alone! Also on the plot next door, there is not a leaf left on the tree just this single bloom glowing in the frosty sunshine.
Our winter produce did not look very colourful until I added our pumpkin, which weighs in at 8 lb. Two kids up the country in Co Leitrim I think, grew a 550 lb One!!!We also have the first of the sprouts from one plant and the swiss chard which is still going strong.
The celery under fleece to protect from frosts. I was a bit late as we had quite a severe frost last night. Although if the head I pulled up today is anything to go by they are not very big. They can be used for flavouring soups and stews.Further investigation needed before growing celery next year.
The asparagus under its winter blanket of seaweed.Zwena said as it is originally a seaside plant seaweed is a good mulch for it. I know farmers along the western seaboard use quite alot of seaweed as manure,and seaweed extract is commercially available.I am lucky I can be at the beach in less than 30 mins, on Sunday Ed gathered it and got his shoes wet as the tide was coming in and one wave ran right up and over his shoes. I was directing operations from a safe distance!


I wish I were as ready for winter as you are... Marie did bring in the plumeria tree from the frosty air yesterday. Guess I better get at it, had I not?
The Tile Lady said…
That rose is so brave, Peggy! I love all your photos of the late autumn allotment. Growing the asparagus under a seaweed mulch sounds great! I was stunned over that 550 pound pumpkin those children grew, though. Bet they had quite the jack-o-lantern for Halloween!

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