Waiting Room

We had put the new strawberry plants into the now cleared out greenhouse to shelter for the winter.I read an article in Kitchen Garden (UK)magazine which said they should be left out to get a couple of frosts and then put in, it is recommended to get strawberries going early next year. So out they have come to await jack frost!

The garlic is just peeping above ground and it looks as if it has all germinated! Garlic is supposed to be winter sown so we will have to wait and see the results.Last year we put it in, in late Spring and while it grew to about this height that was it, then it just died back

The overwintering onions have also taken off. They are a special winter sown onion,we got them in Atkins seeds in Cork but I'm sure most garden centres will have them but they disappear fast! The birds take a fancy to them and pull them out of the ground but they can be pushed back in again. I only found 2 or 3 pulled up. It gives the onions a head start for next year.


The Tile Lady said…
Hi Peggy! I always learn so much from your posts! I didn't know strawberry plants could be wintered indoors (after a couple of frosts) and planted in spring! Thanks for coming by my MY World Tuesday post and commenting! Take care--
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy.
I didn't know that about strawberry plants either.
I have tried strawberries a couple of times but haven't had much luck due to hot dry weather and birds..and birds.
The garlic is looking good.
Have a great day.

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