A Plethora of Pumpkins 1

This is actually two posts to cover the final chapter in our pumpkin saga.
This is the biggest of the bunch by far, weighing in at 30 KGS and measuring 61 ins in circumference! If we had had a good summer and the compost heap got heat and sunshine it would probably have been even bigger as Zwena has had a 40 kg one in the past!

All of the pumpkins gathered in for today, some have been left on the plants to continue growing as there are still lots of small ones and the plants have not started to die back yet.The seeds were just scattered on the top of the compost heap ( horse manure) and left grow away without any further care or interference.

Zwena is not just posing ,she did push the wheelbarrow up from the allotment !

A photo shoot of the produce!Ours is the one on the extreme right there are also some lovely gourds which the photos don't do justice to as they are all so colourful !

A close up view, the big one is going into the English market to the Good Food Stall if anyone is in the area tomorrow,call in and have a look. Zwena said the big one that was sent in last year was bought up immediately!


Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
Those are some pumpkins! I wish I was going to your market.
The pictures are great. It looks just like a fall magazine layout.
Good job.
Have a good day.
Great big wonderful pumpkins. And, I love the photos of them in the cart. Looks like such a mixture of kinds and sizes. You did a great job growing them.
Anna Bee said…
Very impressive! I have tagged you from annapaints.blogspot.com, hope you will run with it!
Lynda said…
I love the photo of your wheelbarrow load of pumpkins etc - so colourful. 30 kg ... OH MY ... that's the size of a child ... don't think I've ever seen a pumpkin that large before !

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