A Tale of two Pumpkins

The pumpkins growing on the bank!They are spreading out thick and fast in all directions.There are quite a lot, I could not count all of them but there are two HUGE ones.

This is the biggest one skulking in the undergrowth! It measures approx 54 ins around the 'equator'! I could not even give an estimation of the weight, but I could not move it a fraction, it is heavy!!

This is our little pumpkin, the leaves have all died back and we are not sure why, maybe the cold weather or could it be pumpkin blight?! The pumpkin itself appears OK and is ripening slowly. I measured it and it is only a trifling 25 ins compared to its bigger cousin. It is being fed but the position obviously does not suit it, maybe too exposed ? I think pumpkins are ideal candidates to grow on a compost heap,as the compost sits there doing nothing while breaking down so the pumpkins would act as a cover.The bigger ones on the bank for anyone who has not been following their progress are growing on top of a heap of horse manure and do they love it!!


Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
That is a big pumpkin. Are you going to make pumpkin pies?
I bet the little one will have more pumpkin taste to it.
It makes me wish I had planted some pumkin seeds now.
Have a good day.
Stewart said…
Ireland is along way from me but you usually find when the pumpkin has finished it job, ie. produce fruit and seed, the vine withers away. Maybe the fruit even draws extra energy from the vine itself causing it to wither.
Cheers Stewart
Peggy said…
Hi Pam, I have to admit I have never even tasted pumpkin!Its not a traditional Irish veg but we are getting more adventuous,I was growing for the granchildren for halloween.
Hi Stewart,I hope you are right, that it is just the natural cycle of the plant.I visited your blog and enjoyed, will visit again for some sunshine in winter!
Stewart said…
I'll go you halves,I'll take half your rain and you can have half my sunshine.

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