Tags and paintings

I was tagged from Annas paints a few days ago.I needed time to figure out this link business for once and for all!I have typed in this line about 10 times so far...But...by George, I think I've got it!!
Being tagged has rules
1/ create a link back to the person who has tagged you
2/Tag at least 3 other people, with links to their blogs
3/ Leave a comment on their blogs so that they know they have been tagged
4/ Post the rules on your blog
5/write 6 things about yourself ( another hard part)!

I am tagging:
Jo ,who blogs from South Africa
Margaret another allotment lady in the UK
Latane writing about her life and looking after her husband who has Alzheimers

I enjoy all my favourite blogs,just because your name is not here does not mean I don't enjoy yours!I think tagging helps to highlight new blogs on the block.

6 Things about me:

1/ I have always loved crafts ie; knitting/sewing/painting, anything creative
2/ I would have loved to do Art after I left school but it was not an option in a working class family
3/ I did start water colour painting classes last year!The 2 pictures at the top are 2 of my efforts so far
4/ I sell Irish music Cds online on www.ceolcds.com
5/ I love music and dancing and have taken ballroom dancing classes (basic)!
6/ I love travelling when I can, that's why I love reading all of your blogs and learning about other countries

I have previewed and checked...all of my links WORK!!!!


Stewart said…
Wow, the paintings look stunning.
Keep up the good work.
The flowers are now my desktop background.
Peggy said…
Hi stewart, thanks for the encouraging words!
The Tile Lady said…
Glad you worked out the links part! How neat that you were tagged! I love your list--these were things I did not know about you! The artwork is lovely! You are very talented!
Peggy said…
Hi Tile lady, thanks for the compliment.They look much better online than they do in reality!

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