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A strange tree, indigenous to the Hydro allotments? No, this tree is in Christy's plot, I think it is dead as the foliage is actually ivy growing up the tree. Christy has been using it to hang up his different varieties of onions to dry on. It looks a bit like something from a child's fairytale!

112/9/2008 Tree update.
When I was out in the allotment this morning I stood back and looked up at the tree. It is about 15ft high and is not dead as I had thought, it is a pear tree, with some sparse foliage towards the very top. There are 2 daredevil pears hanging on for dear life to the very top branch of the tree!! It is probably there since the allotment area was a walled orchard many years ago

We have twins growing on the manure heap!The one on the left is just visible peeking out from the leaves.They are the biggest of the pumpkins, but there are lots of smaller ones too.I should have taken a photo of the whole lot ,they are heading for the gate, I have never seen anything to grow so prolifically!

Our pumpkin on the plot is very lonely looking, but it is growing day by day.I raised it on to a flat stone to keep it up off of the ground. The leaves are going yellow and it has not produced another fruit that has developed? A cosseted only child?!

For new information on our allotment click in to Irish Allotments on the side link.Some great events to look forward to.


What a neat idea for using a dead tree. I have always been fascinated by dead trees. They have such interesting shapes and often I give them a title or caption. Weird person I am.
Peggy said…
Hi, Latane, we all see these dead trees after storms etc and they do assume some weird shapes!
Thanks for visiting
The Tile Lady said…
How brave of the tree to carry on! I'm glad you noticed the small bit of foliage and the two pears up very high. Now, it is an onion tree. :-)

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