Robert's Cove

This is where I spent some time last week, a small cove on the coast about 35 minutes drive from where I live.There is usually a fishing boat or two but that day there was a speed boat and a catamaran!Notice the sun shining.
All life comes to the cove at some time. There is a riding stables nearby and the horses come down for a paddle in the evenings.The tide is in so there is none of the beach visible. At the end of the month this is where I will get the seaweed to mulch the asparagus, it comes in on every tide but it is cleaned most days during the summer. See more photos in photo gallery on side links.


fiftypushing said…
Great to see the sun shining!
Peggy said…
Hi fiftypushing, you were in the UK so you have some idea of the unsettled weather we have been having!
criticallyyours said…

This may sound a bit random, but I've been looking for some solid information on Robert's Cove. I'll be traveling to Ireland next week and intend on stopping by the area. My real question here is how is one able to get around in the town? Is walking feasible? I will be traveling from Cork to Robert's Cove on the only day the bus runs (Saturday).. I'm hoping. I was just wondering if you could be of any help. Thank you so much.

I read through the blog and enjoy it very much.

Thanks again.

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