Blackberry jam

We had a disastrous summer in Ireland this year but guess what ,we are having a beautifull Autumn! On Sunday while the All Ireland football final was being played, Ed watched on TV and my chief gardener Kevin and I went out picking blackberries. We were down in Robert's Cove and walked about 2 miles while picking. It was a beautifull sunny afternoon and it was a lovely way to spend it. Kevin did a great job of picking until he found some long branches left on the ground, one then became his staff and he was on a survival mission! Eating blackberries was his main survival food!!
There were a lot of berries out but it was a shame to see all the lovely big ones rotting on the bushes after all the rain we have had.I picked about 3 lbs and with 4 cooking apples and 3 lbs of sugar made about 7 lbs of jam. That works out roughly 40 cent a pot of jam, and you cannot buy the taste of fresh blackberries!!

Sam my cavalier king charles dozing on the warm gravel out the back of the house

He could not keep his eyes open any longer!


Oh how I remember the taste of homemade blackberry jam. But, those days of picking are behind me now. So, I am reduced to spreading store bought jam on my toast.

And, your dog is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
I love picking blackberrys, my favourites are the harder ones you get on mountains and cold places. The best for jam! Mind you, I get a fair few in my tiny back yard.
Lynda said…
The jam you made looks delicious !We don't get blackberries growing wild here in East Africa but I do have memories of stopping along the side of the road in England & picking them a few years ago. Sam is gorgeous !
Peggy said…
Hi everyone, thanks for visiting and leaving comments. It is amazing how one simple thing can trigger memories of summer days spent picking blackberries and the smell of jam making in the kitchen, while waiting to spread the still warm jam on our bread!Simple pleasures that cannot be bought.Lynda, Sammy is old and lazy and loves the sun, but is a great character!
Best wishes to all
The Tile Lady said…
Oh, Peggy! Your jam looks wonderful! I LOVE blackberry jam! Isn't it satisfying to make your own after picking the berries yourself. I know you had a lovely time in Robert's Cove, too!

What a darling little dog!
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy.
Your blackberry jam looks so delicious. I agree, it is a tast that can't be bought.
Sam is absolutely the cutest thing.

Peggy said…
Hi Thanks for all the comments. If anyone wants to read another post about Sam, how he came to me and other family dogs, there is one other post under the label dogs you might be interested in reading too.

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