I have not had time to blog for a few days, I paid a quick visit to the allotment yesterday and brought home 7 nice red tomatoes from the greenhouse. Things are slowing down now as we go into Autumn.I did not have my camera with me but may get out later today.Yesterday we woke to heavy fog which cleared to a beautifull sunny day. This morning was the same but when I went outside I found cobwebs everywhere!They were like crazy bunting from tree to tree,even from the clothes line to the hedge,a distance of about 8 feet!
This is one on my contorted hazel in the front garden.

They were not small either, but layer on layer of fine detail

This one is joining two fuschia bushes

A classic cobweb

The leylandii in the back garden were covered with cobwebs! I did not think my camera was good enough to capture such fine detail ,so I was pleasantly surprised to get reasonably good photos of them.


Lynda said…
Oh Peggy those cobwebs are really beautiful, imagine how much work went in to making each one ... spiders busily working away as you all slept :) You got some really nice photo's of them ...
My word.... the invasion of the spiderwebs. They are so fairy-like and delicate. You made some great pictures of them
The Tile Lady said…
Thanks for coming back by my blog and commenting, Peggy! I do like where we very fond of the mountains, but this is a great area, too. Love the cobweb pictures! Wow, you were being spun into a gossamer bower!!!! Really lovely! Have a great week!
The Tile Lady said…
By the way...I gave you an award! Come by and pick it up!
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
The pictures turned out really good.
The cobwebs are beautiful.
It did look like they were everywhere. Now, where are the spiders?
Good post.
Peggy said…
Thanks for visiting and all of your comments. I felt they deserved some space as they really were beautiful in the fog and disappeared as the sun came out. No Pam..I don't really want to think of where the spiders are when they are not spinning webs!!

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