My Bookshelf for Winter

I browsed through Amazon last week and ordered these, my winter reading material. They have been dropping through my letter box all week.I did not buy the new copies just all second hand but they arrived as new anyway.

Left to right:

The Allotment Handbook; Caroline Bradley,

All of the allotment information applies to the UK but there is a month by month section of what to plant and jobs to do, there is also a comprehensive plant directory.

The Biodynamic sowing and planting Calender; Maria Thun,

On first glance through it, it seems a bit technical but does have a calender for the year on which days to plant/harvest, Roots,leaf, fruit and flower. ie;onions,beetroot,carrots and potatoes are best harvested on root days and they will keep throughout the winter.

The Allotment Keeper's Handbook : Jane Perrone, Easy to read ,practical, again a monthly to do list, crop rotation, watering,and composting. Jane has an allotment for years and admits her own mistakes over the years so you know when she gives advice it has been learned the hard way!

The Organic Gardening Catalogue; I have finally gotten a seed catalogue to browse through and plan for next year! One thing that struck me on reading this was, I did not have a clue of the names of the varieties of anything we have sown this year so cannot discuss the merits or otherwise of any variety we have! This catalogue has a nifty build a ball system for making frames and structures for netting or fleece to protect crops. This one was free, just log on to for information and it arrives in the post a couple of days later

Carrots Love Tomatoes;Louise Riotte, It is all about companion planting, some plants as in the human world just do not get on with unsuitable neighbours! When planted in favourable company they thrive.Take the Tomato for instance...tomatoes and all members of the brassicas repel each other and should be kept apart, they also do not like the company of potatoes or fennel. A bit of a minefield, like who to put sitting next to who at a wedding! There is an A to Z of vegetables and their likes and dislikes, should make good reading and hopefully planning for next year.


Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy. The books all look so intersting. Now I want to read about the companion planting. That really sounds like something I need. Now see what you did...I have to go find that
Have a great weekend, Peggy.
Peggy said…
Hi Pam, Tomatoes love carrots is actually written by an American lady, now deceased RIP. A lot of the plants etc mentioned would have more relevance to the US. It makes very interesting reading too.
Best wishes
Ian said…
Hi Peggy,

I was hoping my book might make it onto your winter reader list!?

Only kidding - just wanted to let you know I've done a post about you and your recommendations for Farm Blogs from Around the World, contacted them, and we'll see if they come back to me.

Take care.
Kind regards,
The Tile Lady said…
Hello Peggy! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words about my post on the Ireland trip! I still have palpatations when I think of was one of the highlights of my life! And I was so glad I got to share it with my Mom. Would LOVE to come back! We adored Blarney....I could see that the countryside around the castle invited exploring, but of course we weren't given time to do so. But it was really beautiful! To think you live closeby! And I am so interested in organic farming, and love the info and pictures on your blog! I'll be visiting often, as I wish to add you (and so does my Mom--Life in Wakefield is her main blog) to my list as well. I will have to find these books myself on amazon or abebooks. Don't have a garden spot of my own right now, but will again in the future. All our best from the States! Marie

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