Some Sunshine on another Wet Day!

My newest grandson, Scott, in one of the cardigans I knitted for him.
Being serious,wondering what I am doing, flashing lights in his face!
He was 3 weeks old in these photos, he is 5 weeks old now.
He does this ooh with his mouth!
A right hook! suggesting I get that camera out of his face!


Anonymous said…
Awww!!!! My ickle baby Scott brightening up your blog! I'm robbing these pics of him, they are gorgeous! He'll be thrilled to know he is gaining as much column inches as his big brother, Head Gardener Kevin!
Aisling XXX
Ian said…
Hi Peggy,

First off all congratulations on Scott.Secondly, my apologies for not picking up on your great comment sooner on

I've made ammends with this posting

and I will be putting up and contacting your recommendations as soon as I have a moment.

Kind regards, with many thanks
Anonymous said…
Ohhh Peggy. He is a keeper! The little cardigan is beautiful, just like Scott.
He looks very alert for 3 weeks. Just think, he will be helping you in the garden before you know it.
Wonderful photos.
Peggy said…
Hi Ian,
No problem but I had to log in to the site to remind myself of what I had said.
Thanks Peggy

Hi Pam,
He is alert and smiling. With big brother Keven being chief gardener we will have him in wellies digging as soon as we can.All hands on deck!
Best Wishes Peggy
Lynda said…
Oh Peggy - he's gorgeous ! (And you did such a lovely job knitting the cardigan for him, too !)
The Tile Lady said…
Adorable gorgeous little grandson! And beautiful sweater you made for him!
Peggy said…
Hi, Thank you all for visiting and leaving comments.I love knitting and baby things are so fast and easy.I dont use a pattern just put up the stitches and knit.I said to one of my daughters when she asked about a pattern for them, I just use my head ( have always been a bit woolly headed)! He is so cute, babies are so alert nowadays, we were told they could not see for 6 weeks and had them all wrapped up and away from everyone in case they got infections!

Best Wishes to All


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