A Quick Visit

This morning I thought I would pay a quick visit to the allotment, just to check on the greenhouse and see what could be brought home.That was at 10.30 am and I left at 2.00pm! The allotment is like a time warp, I just potter away for what seems like an hour and 3 have passed.The harvest for today, I dug up a drill of pops, Kerr's Pinks which had been sprayed against blight, the foliage cut down and left in tubers in the ground.The potatoes were small with no sign of blight but the return on about 6 stalks is not good. the last of the white turnips, I cleared one of the barrels of carrots, about 8 baby ones.A courgette from the plant that did nothing in the greenhouse but recovered when I put it outside,and there is another courgette coming on the plant as well.

The tomatoes in the greenhouse, they are a good size but not too many of them.I took 8 nice red ones today and the same last week. The cucumber was also taken home today, the plants are going very yellow but there are some small cucumbers coming on as well. Fed them and watered them.

The celery earthed up again.There seems to be lots of leaves I hope that means lots of nice stalks too!

The leeks have been earthed up for the first time today. Some have put on quite good growth and a few are smaller. Only time will tell.

I had to cover the peas and beans with netting as something (the rabbits, I think) had eaten a few, about 10 half eaten ones were hanging on the plants. There is not enough for them and us!


I enjoyed your trip to the garden. Lovely vegetables, and great photography. Just makes my mouth water.
Peggy said…
Hi Latane,I made it before the rain!The morning was dry but the afternoon is very wet ,yet again.The veg we grow ourselves does definitely taste so much better.
Thanks for visiting,Best Wishes
Esther said…
Beautiful pictures! I long for my own garden one day, but right now, the pets are eating what I grow :-)
Lynda said…
Thanks for sharing these lovely photo's with us Peggy - what a delightful array of produce you have there. Everything looks so neat & tidy too ... and very green !
Darla said…
You sure have alot going on there. It looks yummy!!
Hi Peggy
Gosh, it's going great guns on your plot, and I was SO delighted to see that you've picked up a copy of the Biodynamic Sowing & Planting Calendar to peruse. I can honestly say I've had my best crop in 11 years. Not bad considering the weather has not been great and I started my plot again from scratch in February. I put the success down to biodynamics, and loving my little piece of land.
Thanks for your good wishes - my foot is loads better. I still haven't figured out how or why it happened though!
Have a good week and stay out of the rain.
CAB said…
Your garden looks wonderful - I am in TX and am not quite sure what your "allotment" is - a public garden where you have a plot of your own?

Showing my ignorance here, but how else can we learn?

I have watched a BBC show on occasion called "Keeping Up Appearances" and they seemed to go somewhere away from their home to work in a garden plot at times...is this something similar?

Anyway, my brother and sister-in-law went to Ireland for their honeymoon a few years ago - I happened upon your blog via The Tile Lady or Life in Wakefield...one of them - after seeing your comment there and the reference to Ireland.

Feel free to visit mine sometime - I'm a mama to 4 with one on the way, due in January :)

I scrolled down some and saw your gorgeous knit sweater for your grandson - I'm TRYING to learn to crochet so I can make blankets for my children and especially the new baby - we'll see!

I've gone on long enough - take care! and Happy Gardening!

The Tile Lady said…
I have a lot to learn about organic gardening, and your success is such an inspiration! I agree that the allotment plots are all so neat and well-tended. Not a weed in sight! I want to follow some of the examples and do a little reading and try to start off right when I move into my new home (once winter is past) I'm so glad also to see that Cab found you through my blog or Mom's... Your vegetables are just lovely. Wasn't sure what you were calling some of them and I will look again on your post....
The Tile Lady said…
What is a "drill of pops" (potatoes?) and a courgette? I'm sure we just call them something different in the States, but I want to learn. Could a drill be something like what we call a "mess" in the south--just enough to make a good-sized pot of the vegetable for a meal?
Peggy said…
lynda, We are very pleased with what we had from the plot this year and we hopefully have celery,brussels sprouts and broccolli to keep us going through most of winter.

Scarlett Heavenly Healer,we are going to try the biodynamics as much as we can, and see how it goes. I read about it on your blog and when I saw the book on Amazon, I thought I would read it for the winter and put some of it into practise!

Esther, Darla & Tile lady thanks for visiting and leaving comments.

CAB, Allotments are communal gardens mainly in England,where plots were given to the workers during the wars to feed their families, but gaining popularity here in recent years as we become more aware of how far our food travels. We grow and eat our produce in season using organic methods,ie we do not use chemical additives only natural manures, in our case Horse manure!
Even though I have a garden it is hard to grow anything on it as it is very stony. Our plot is about 5 miles away in the country. Working on a plot is very sociable also as more experienced gardeners are there to give advice, and swop plants and seeds.The plots on our allotment are approx 30 ft x20ft. Big enough for beginners!If you scroll down to the end of the home page you will see photos of what it was like when we started last year! I have alwasy loved knitting and find it relaxing especially samll baby stuff and at the rate the granchildren are arriving I will be kept busy.

Tile Lady, A courgette is a beby marrow I think you call them Zucchini. A drill is a long raised bed, it is narrow but can be a long as needs be.The earth is piled up around the potatoes as they are growing so a drill is formed.

Best Wishes to all and thanks for visiting

The Tile Lady said…
Thanks so much for answering my questions! I bet you have really been enjoying eating those gorgeous veggies this few week!

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