Hurricane Ike

I watched on TV , the devastation caused by Ike in the southern states and said a prayer that none of my blogging friends or their families were affected by it.


The Tile Lady said…
I haven't heard from my best friend in Texas, who is not a blogger, and hope she is doing OK. The left side of Ike went right over where I used to live, and where she still lives. I too hope the other blogger friends from that area are all ok as well. We're keeping them in our prayers, and also the victim's families from that awful train wreck in California!
Lynda said…
I know Peggy, we've been watching it via satellite TV here in Africa too .... it is just devastating and aside from all the people, I can't help thinking about the animals affected by it all too. My thoughts & prayers are also with everyone. I can't imagine what it must be like to experience a hurricane like that.
Anonymous said…
I hope so too, Peggy. The news reports of it look so bad. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.
Peggy said…
Hi Tile lady, I hope your friend is OK,it must be hard to know someone directly affected by something so terrible. The train crash in California we only heard a small bit about, again thoughts and prayers to them.
Lynda,you are so right,both humans and animals are affected by it.It must be another worry for those people to see their livestock also destroyed.
The Tile Lady said…
Thank you, Peggy. I'm going to try to call her and see if I can get through. I'll let you know.

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