While browsing through 'The Allotment Keeper's Handbook' I found that our blueberries were really acid loving plants. We had been blaming the birds for our lack of fruit! While on the website I found a thread about Blueberries and posted a query. I got a wealth of information and sites to link to about blueberries. Too long to post here, so if anyone has problems or wants to grow them I would advise logging on to the site.I also poached the photo as our blueberries never looked like this! In Ireland 'Hurts' were picked on mountains in the past.These were small blue berries, but Pine trees have been planted for the last number of years and a lot of our native trees and undergrowth have disappeared under this dark green blanket.I suppose it was a way to make unproductive mountain land to pay but I think people are only now realising the damage this forestation has caused to our native plants and wildlife. Blueberries are a relative of our long forgotten Hurts!


Darla said…
Yummy! We had quite a few blueberries on our two bushes this year..........good muffins
We had three blueberry bushes back in Alabama but have no fruit where we live now. Those you posted looked so delicious....
Peggy said…
Yes, Darla, the muffins sound good, but it will be a few years I think.

Hi Latane, not ours I am afraid but just what we might hpoe for in the future!
Thank you both for your comments
Darla said…
Love your blog and to show you how much stop by mine and pick up your award!!
The Tile Lady said…
I noticed some plantings of pines when I was in Ireland in 98, and wondered why they hadn't chosen other trees to plant as well. I hope you are successful with the blueberries in the future!

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