20 minutes of sunshine!

This is a view down the plot, we have straightened the paths and gained extra ground! In the foreground to the left are our two gooseberry bushes. They have been stripped of all foliage by some bug or pest. I thought they were just dropping leaves after fruiting but Zwena had a look at them one day and said they were being eaten! Any few remaining leaves were curled and seemed to have black eggs or something? in them. I think I will just dig them out altogether and consign them to the dump.
Behind them to the left are a late sowing of peas which are flowering and behind them are an equally late sowing of broad beans. we are hoping for an Indian summer ! As soon as the schools reopen it is Sod's law the weather will improve.

Sinead and Aoife picking the last of the blackcurrants.The photo seems to be the perfect snapshot of summer? It was actually about a twenty minute break in the clouds and thundershowers! We only have one blackcurrant bush and have had lots of fruit considering the bad weather, but it did not all ripen together. So I have been picking and freezing them and will make jam when they are all done.


Secura1 said…
Hi Mom, we had a lovely dinner with the white turnips and carrots yesterday. The boys who aren't the greatest lovers in the world of the dreaded turnip, adored these and their plates were soon empty. So thank you. The blackcurrants were only gorgeous, I had an apple strudel which I heated, served up with vanilla icecream but I had heated the blackcurrants in a pot with some vanilla sugar. I poured this rather jammy syrup over the icecream and strudel and it was nothing less than heaven. So thanks again for those too.

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