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We are in the middle of the wettest summer in living memory here in Ireland. Some areas have had a months rain in a few hours and fields of ripening wheat have been destroyed . The Met office is not giving much if any encouragement that it will improve anytime soon.

We had not been to the allotment for a few days but I went out this morning to check on things in the greenhouse, to water and feed them. I had 4 red tomatoes and the peppers and cucumbers are growing too.

Our pumpkin is doing great being ignored and left to its own devices!The pumpkins on the bank are taking over, I have never seen anything grow so much in a few days! Of course I did not take the camera as the weather was so bad. I have some I had taken earlier but did not have time to put up and the sun was shining as well!

Whatcha ' doin? Honey comes over every now and again to see what we are up to. OR maybe she is checking out our carrots growing in the blue barrels to see if they are ready yet?! Why did I put them right there??

No these are not green tomatoes! They are a curious growth on Rosie's potatoes, they have not affected the tubers underneath but we are wondering what they are and if anyone can shed any light on them?

Our onion crop which we had the good fortune to lift for drying just before the monsoon season started! On a quick count there are about 80 onions which were sown from sets, which are now drying in my shed until I figure out how to plait them or get enough old tights to hang them in.


michael said…
the round green fruits on the potatoes are the seed of the potatoes. they are poisonous most varieties do not set seed easily
michael brenock
horticultural consultant
Lynda said…
Honey is absolutely gorgeous ... and very inquisitive, too ! I was interested to see the green fruits on the potatoes as I, too, have never heard of these or seen them before.
Peggy said…
Thanks for throwing some light on the green fruits. I see you are an horticultural consultant and I did try to access your blog but as the profile is not public I was unable to do so. Have you any idea why the seed was set and are they reusable as seed?

Hi Lynda,
I hope Micheal's answer helped you too, I find the 'poisonous' bit worrying! Yes Honey is gorgeous and inquisitive to boot!!

Thanks to you both for visiting and comments. Peggy

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