Green manure

Well back to basics. The weather today is wet and grey at the moment, so no gardening. Susan Taylor, (see motivation and education post) also discussed green manure and how beneficial it is to keep down weeds and feed nutrients back into the ground. It can be over wintered on a plot or put on a space that you do not intend putting something in for a while.
There are various types grown over winter and dug back into the ground around February. I liked this one in the photo called Phacelia which can be allowed to flower and left on any patch of ground until you need that space, with the added benefit of flowers.
I copied this photo from Irish Seed Savers Assoc, as it was the only one I could find. The seeds can be bought online from them as well.
Irish Seed Savers have an excellent article on Potatoes, the names, a description and history.It is well worth looking at before buying seed potatoes for next year, as they also give details of blight resistant varieties and seed potatoes can be bought from them at the start of the year.Delivered to your door, the way to go!


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