fresh air, fresh veg

I had no intention of going out to the allotment today due to the weather but by mid afternoon I wanted some fresh air and thought the plants in the greenhouse would need some water,so took myself off out.The greenhouse yielded 2 green peppers ( to give the others on the plant some space), 4 red tomatoes and I tidied up the plants removing dead or yellowing leaves. More carrots from the barrels and still more to come. The white turnips are giving a great return, next year we will do successive sowings from march to June to have a continuous supply of them as everyone loves the taste! A new addition to the harvest is the baby beetroots.

Our scarecrow standing stoically despite wind and rain, looking a bit faded but still doing his duty.

The leeks are growing, still in their holes, but they must be earthed up from Sept on.

A close up of the monster developing under the foliage of the pumpkins on the bank of horse manure!


Billy said…
Hi mam, just to say the carrots and tomatoes were very tasty, will be having the rest of the carrots and the white turnips tomorrow.
I will be doing the beetroot for Janice during the week.
Thanks for the veg
Peggy said…
Glad you enjoyed them! Everyone is getting just one lot as I would have none left for me.Log into the Irish gardeners site on the side bar, see about growing new pops for Christmas in a bag. I know you tried it last year, great tips and advice.
RainbowMom said…
I love the picture of the squash peeking out from behind the leaf! Beautiful harvest. :) Peace.
Lynda said…
Peggy, your produce looks lovely - so fresh & colourful - love the baby beetroot, too ;)
Anonymous said…
Peggy, the vegetables look great!
I am glad the scarecrow is doing his duty. I always love to look at the different scarecrows.
You all have did a good job on the gardening. It is fun, isn't it?
Peggy said…
Thanks for visiting and leaving the comments. Having fresh veg and watching it grow is fun for everyone especially the children!

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