Surfing the net

It has been another really wet miserable day here in southern Ireland, only surfing possible is on the net ( the only one I would be engaged in anyway)!
I tried to find other allotment/food growers blogging in Ireland but either I can't find them or they are a very secretive lot who do not want people to read their blogs?!
On I did find a lady in Mullingar blogging as an urban gardener, link at sidebar to and who has been online for quite a while. It will be usefull to have someone who has the same lousy weather to contend with as us!
Also on irish allotments are photos of the hydro allotments as they visited us one rainy wet day, but the photos look colourful and sunny ( it must have been a trick camera Julian!).
I also found a site which seems to be getting great reviews for online garden planning at .
Also by surfing around I discovered I should be earthing up the Celery!


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