Between the Showers

22/08/2008. Carrot update: carrots growing divided into fingers instead of one straight root can be caused by using too fresh manure in the bed.
Kevin with white turnips and carrots from the barrels. The one on the left is producing small fat ones and the one on the right lovely long straight ones! The first barrel was waterlogged for a time due to the heavy downpours of rain until Ed drilled holes in the end. Both barrels were planted with seeds from the same packet.

Our harvest for today! white turnips, carrots, 2 cucumbers from the greenhouse,3 small tomatoes (we ate some tiny red ones while we were there). Swiss chard, which grew free gratis, one of the benefits of previous tenants on an allotment! I pulled out the rhubarb as it was covering the cauliflower which is in the same bed, this is the second flush so I hope it will be OK. The plant to the left is a broad bean which Kevin wanted to take home, I think he is hoping for a magic beanstalk!

Kevin, kitted out for a summer's day on the allotment!

Our pumpkin which is approx. 23 ins in diameter! I say approx as I was afraid to move it too much as it is still the only one surviving.

A long view up the allotment,showing Liam's Sunflower which Kevin thinks is 'Cool' and wants us to grow lots of them next year! Also his gladioli are thriving around the perimeter.

Yes, I did remember to earth up the celery!


Secura1 said…
Hi Mom,
My word there is loads today up isn't there. I hope Aisling is charging you for Kevin's time on that allotment. Don't actually have any photos of the farmers market but must get some actually. Will wait until we have a really nice Saturday first.
Lin xx
Anonymous said…
Hey mammy!!!!
WELL. For the first time in my life, I have eaten and enjoyed turnip! Yes! ME! The white turnips from the allotment were so yummy! Although only half went into the pot, I couldnt help eating them raw as I was chopping them!
And thank you for your concern about Kevin's hard labour he puts into the allotment Linda, but he gets paid in fresh veg (and today he brought home a broad bean plant.) So not to worry!
Aisling xxx

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