Farm blogs around the world.

I have a new link to a site called It has been set up by Ian Walthew to gather links to farm blogs around the world. It is not just about farms as Ian is of the opinion that anyone who grows food is by definition a farmer!
There are interesting links to allotments and farms around the globe, well worth a visit or two or even ten!!
My blog was recommended by Lynda on food fun & farmlife in East Africa (see links), this is how the list grows! I make contact with Ian and make my recommendations and so on.
At present I am the only Irish link so hopefully there are more out there who will log on and make contact with Ian.


fiftypushing said…
That's a great idea. Do you have "georgiafarmwoman" on that list? I think the blog's name is something like that. But you can search for it - she writes very like you, I think you would love her blog.

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