Moon Planting

The moon icon on the side bar shows the different moon phases. There is a growing interest in planting by the phases of the moon. The waxing and waning of the moon affects the tides and more and more people are convinced that by using this knowledge, that there are certain times in the moon cycle when planting or not has an effect on the growth and harvest of their produce.I saw a moon chart on scarecrows garden blog (see links on side) and left a comment about it.She very kindly did a whole post in reply, and has put it on her side link so the information is easily accessible. The instructions for downloading the Moon icon are also on there.
The time shown is the same for the northern hemisphere but the moon seems to be seen from the opposite side, I'm not an astronomer!
I would think the planting information would be the same (have a look). Bearing in mind we are going into Winter and they are planting seeds for Spring!
If anyone has anymore information in relation to this side of the world,please pass it on .


Scarecrow said…
Hi Peggy
I see what you mean about the moon being on the other side on your still says 'Waning Gibbous 61% full' (when I looked at it) the same as it says on the Southern Hemisphere chart on my blog.
So it would seem the phases should be the same.
Secura1 said…
Wow, we're either going back to pagan times or getting all technical in astronomy terms. Am impressed Mom.Am going to try and get Rob to drive us West cork over the weekend, lol get some sneaky photos in. :)
Lin xxx

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