August update

Our first carrots from the barrel, lovely straight unmarked ones too and they smell heavenly! The white turnips were put in as seed on 16th June on Donal Kelleher's advice. He said we would have a crop in 10 weeks and we have, there are lots more so they will keep us going for a while. One cucumber in there too, they are a bit slow to come on but we have not been having any great heat. A neat harvest to take home!

Our first Cauliflower! OK, so its like a little table tennis ball but it is still there! These were 10 plants which I bought in a tray and planted out, I must go back and check the date. (Update, They were put in on 30th may)

This photo does not do the broccoli seed flowers any justice, they are a lovely yellow colour. At least they were before I cut them off! I cleaned all the bed and got rid of any dead leaves. On scarecrows garden blog, she says a liquid feed helps to bring on a second lot of florets on the plants. I did not have liquid feed but did cover the bed with well rotted horse manure. Before we left the allotment it was being turned in to liquid feed by a downpour of rain! We will just wait and see if we get a second helping, if not they can all go on the compost heap and the ground will have got some nourishment for next year!!

The largest of the pepper plants in the greenhouse. I wonder if we leave them on the plant do they turn red, or are red peppers a different plant??

Liam's sunflower is now about 8ft high and still growing!

The bees enjoying gathering pollen from the sunflower

I could not decide between the photos so I have put up both of them! Sunflowers are so cheerful they just bring a smile to everyone's face as soon as they see them!

Our one and only pumpkin! It is getting quite large and the next time I go out to the allotment I must remember to take a measuring tape. There is one other tiny fruit at the end of the plant but they just seem to disappear?! Will the birds or slugs take a fancy to it maybe we should put some kind of protection over it? The leaves are quite hairy and coarse and should deter the slugs I hope.

The Triffids are advancing down the bank! After the rain and heat of the last couple of weeks the pumpkins on the bank are running amok. There are lots of blossoms but I have not climbed up to see if there is any fruit on them yet, it is after all a pile of horse manure!!


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