Who is building the ARK?

We are rapidly going under with rain, rain and more rain!What has happened to Global warming?We had one beautiful week of summer so far this year apart from a few odd days here and there. On Saturday last we had 40 to 50 mls of rain fall on us, the ground is sodden and sports and festivals have had to be cancelled.I took my camera as far as the door to take these photos of my hanging baskets, they do not really show the curtain of rain falling.
On sat evening we had some very strong gusts of wind also and my two mini greenhouses blew over,one forward and one to the side, minimal damage done to the tomato plants as I heard them going so braved the elements to get them upright immediately.We have not been out to the plot so the slugs must be having a field day unmolested in ideal weather for them!The weather forecast is more of the same for the coming week.Its a great little country if we could only put a roof over it!
No gardening so I tried Kathleen's Chocolate Brownie recipe.I was lucky it lasted long enough to take a photo of it. Definitely one I will be making again.I also made two apple sponges but forgot to take a photo of them and now it is too late,one french student, one son and one grandson put paid to them fairly fast.
They have also spent the weekend on the computer so I have not had any time to visit blogs which I will correct later this evening.


Jo said…
Oh Peggy, what a lighthearted post! I had to laugh at "it's a great little country, if only we could put a roof on it!" Wow, the chocolate brownies look yummy.
Anna Bee said…
cHi Peggy -
not much better here in the midlands - it was dry enough for the Mullingar Agricultural show, but the two tractors assigned to unsticking cars from the mud had a busy time. Ig my veg were not in raised beds, they would be swimming by now!
Paddy Fada said…
Hey Peggy, same story here in Maynooth. Ark is right! No sign of a let up - and isn't it St. Swithin's Day today!!! Had to set up a bench in the shed today to do some potting - didn't want to drown the seeds!
I saw the pic of Kathleen's Chocolate Brownies before I read the caption and thought it was a mudbath!
Peggy said…
Jo;The chocolate brownies were yummy!
Anna Bee: Water everywhere at the moment here too
Paddy fada: St Swithin's day was not too bad down here, just alight shower in the morning but the rain is setting in now for a downpour!
Linda said…
Same here. I read somewhere that we have a 1 degree increase in temperature over the past 2 summers, and a 60% increase in rainfall.

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