Internet Problems and a glut of veg!

Our internet provider Eircom was the butt of a hacker attempt over the weekend.I thought it was my computer because on two evenings I had tried to visit blogs and they were taking so long to load up I gave up.It then became public that a hacker(s) had targeted Eircom.It is a mystery to me what satisfaction these people get from making our lives a misery with their games. Some people are housebound and their Internet is their means of communication and small businesses who work from home are also affected by it.
The weather was not the best so we had not been out to the plot for a week!I did not intend going today but coming home the sun was out so we headed up to see the damage from the wind and rain.I had not taken my camera so photos were taken when I got home. We had a glut of fruit and veg to gather.A bucket full of spuds from 3 Charlotte tubers, I am definitely going to put down a lot more of these next year,great taste and no slug damage or blight.5 courgettes, 2 of which were a bit on the big side.2 huge cauliflowers and about 6 more smaller ones which will be OK to leave for a few days.3 lettuce,another 700 grms of raspberries, a handfull of strawberries, 900grms of beans, 3 onions and some Dill.
Aoife volunteered to pod the beans for me, she loves popping them!We had a big bag of them but when shelled just 900 grms of beans. I blanched them and put most of them in the freezer, I also froze most of the raspberries.
I made a Raspberry Roulade (Posh name for a swiss roll). I folded some raspberries and strawberries into the whipped cream and filled the swiss roll with them.This is what was left by the time I thought of the camera!

I made a Quiche for dinner using our veg with a potato salad from last nights left over potatoes and the dill, with a big bowl of fresh salad.
One of the wet days I made biscuits,the recipe said use rolled oats but I used jumbo oats I had in stock, lovely chewy crispy biscuits, I covered some of them with chocolate.
Upside down Pineapple cake, something I had not made for years but found the recipe again.
The cake is turned out on a plate upside down.
Hopefully the weather is improving a little as the plot needs lots of TLC after the last few days.
The peas were eaten by rabbits or birds , I was expecting a huge crop today as they were a good size the last day we were out.I pulled up all of the plants and we had about 7 undamaged pods from the lot!Note to self to net over them as well as around them next year!
We cut all of the dwarf beans, I cut the stalks and left the roots in the ground as they fix nitrogen in the soil.
Most of our celery has gone to seed!
Red cabbage is the next to crop as they are setting good hearts now, I have never used it before so I must Google some recipes.
Blackcurrants are finally turning black and there is huge crop of them on the one bush.
I will take the camera the next day for a complete update on what is hot and what is not!


Anonymous said…
the quiche looks lovely and that pineapple upside cake does too that was a favourite of geraldines one time she always made it, very filling! an abundant harvest!
vuejardin said…
I love Pineapple cake
Jo said…
Good to see you again Peggy. The pineapple upside down cake and the posh swiss roll look yummy. What a wonderful harvest of veges. Look forward to seeing what's happening at the allotment. Have a great weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo
mangocheeks said…
That is so annoying with the hackers, but unfortunately that is how some people get their kicks. The past few days our electricity has been down for a few hours because of the work happening on the railway track just behind where I live, and I have foudn that frustrating.

Anyhow, back to your glut of vegetbles. Your caulis look great.

Your homemade dishes do look very good esp that roulade. I have never made roulade, so it is something I am looking forward to making in the near future.

Aoife is a lovely name.
keewee said…
So now I have looked at all your veggies and the wonderful desserts, I have to visit my kitchen and find something to eat.
I sure have not had much luck growing caulis, I wonder what I am doing wrong.
Ann said…
These hackers and people who send viruses are crazy. Why would anyone want to mess with other peoples computers, it's beyond me, they must be the new type of psychopath. As you say, some of us rely on our computers for company.

Your quiche looks delicious as usual and it's years since I had an upside down cake too, yours looks so tempting!
You have been one busy lady, Peggy. After looking at the pictures I am so hungry... Those veggies and the dishes you made are so enticing.
Sue said…
Hi Peggy,
I saw your comment on Linda's blog, so clicked to come over to see where you were, with your gale force winds.

Congratulations on your new grandson. The 3 sure look sweet in the photo.

I don't understand people who cause problems with others' computers, either. Just like people who steal, if someone does it to them, how do they feel?

I enjoyed the photos of your harvest and the things you baked/cooked with them.

I have bunnies eating a variety of things here, and they ate my green beans to the stems.

Well, I hope things settle down, and you find some time to be in the garden.
Sue said…
I just read where I left off in my email, and when I reread your comment, saw about you thinking of uses for things others throw away, and that's what caught my interest before reading about the winds. I am a saver of things, and like to find ways to use them in the garden.

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