Organic Harvest from Plot to Plate.

I picked the girls up from summercamp today and we headed up to the allotment for a few minutes to tie up their sunflowers but as usual that somehow morphed into 2 hours.More weeding took up a lot of the time, I pulled up all of the Spinach which has now gone completely to seed and planted a row of Lollo Rosso lettuce which should not take too long to be pickable.Our harvest for today turned out to be a bagfull! Lettuce, peas, swiss chard,potatoes, our first courgette and white turnips thanks to the generosity of William next door.There was more potatoes and 4 fresh eggs but Sinead wanted to share with her other Nanny.
Eightsquaremetres blog did a little research on their pea harvest so I tried it out today.We had 600grms of peas in pods,that was 63 pods in all and ended up with 300grms of shelled peas. Its is a slow job shelling them but the peas were worth it with dinner.We had meat on a bed of just wilted swiss chard,peas,turnips and potatoes in butter and parsley. Finger licking good!
When things are brought home from the allotment they come with their greenery attached, it does make some mess but there is something very satisfying about cutting off the leaves etc, they are then consigned to the compost bin to begin the life cycle all over again.
Now for something completely different, my sister Kathleen has started a blog, she is still getting to grips with Blogger but has loaded up some lovely photos of Kinsale in Co Cork and I see she has just put up photos and a recipe for scrummy looking Chocolate brownies. Baking and gardening have always been Kathleen's hobbies, so head on over to or follow the link on my bloglist.


Anonymous said…
thanks for the plug but my family would find it funny to see baking as one of my hobbies!
they think i am having a mid life baking crisis if they see me spend too much time in the kitchen!
but the brownies are really scrummy!

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