Digging for Plenty

Our harvest from yesterday,3 cabbages which the slugs had chewed through the outer leaves, I would not normally pull 3 heads at the same time but if I didn't the slugs would have had the lot!Another 500grms of raspberries and I dug the first of the Charlotte potatoes which looked slug and damage free
What a difference a year makes!Last August we cleared all the high grass and nettles behind the greenhouse and discovered this old cold frame there.
Same view this year!All the teazels have been cleared and the cold frame has been planted up with our courgettes and sunflowers
Our sweetcorn bed after I weeded and replanted some corn yesterday. I grew what I thought were squash from seeds in the seed swap but from the look of some of the plants most of them are courgettes and maybe 3 which look different. We are going to have courgettes coming out our ears, I better start Googling some recipes for them!
I bought these sweetcorn in Mahon Point market yesterday. Some of our original plants look like going to seed early so I replanted these. They were 1.50e each which is not bad for such strong plants. I have seen much smaller ones on sale for 2.00e.I spent ages weeding and soaking the ground which was very dry and guess what? I awoke this morning to the sound of heavy rain!
One of our plotters, Rosie with her first digging of Sharpe's Express which look clean and damage free.Rosie is one of our original plotters with two plots on the go.
Our new plot yesterday which is looking nice and healthy and growing quite a lot of produce.
Our Charlottes, not a worm hole in sight, I cooked them for dinner last night and they taste great too. They are much bigger than the other earlies but that may just be due to being in the ground longer.
A close up of the cold frame with the courgettes. One of them is huge compared to the others, there are 3 plants in there and 4 sunflowers. I put in one outdoor cucumber there which is not doing so well so I am going to transplant it to another area.


Peggy, I know that this is an organic garden so you don't want to rid the slugs in a dangerous way for your plants. But, put saucers on the ground. Pour some beer in each saucer. The slugs love beer and they drown in it. No more slugs.
mangocheeks said…
Sometimes you have to adopt these practies to rid of the slug beasties.

My cabbages are nowhere near the size of yours, which still look good despite the slugs having a munch on them.

I tried to grow sweetcorn here once, and they did not do well in the climate, so have given up. Hope yours do well.
Peggy said…
Latane and mangocheeks, that is the only method we use for slugs. I have sunk yoghurt cartons into the ground and filled them with cheap beer, we call them slug pubs!
The weather has been slug heaven, wet and warm and some days too wet to go out to the plot so they have multiplied.
Sweetcorn is our first attempt but it has grown successfully on other plots so,fingers crossed.
Wow Peggy - it all looks amazing already.....

I had a major courgette glut last year and spent ages searching for courgette recipes. I'll try to find some of the better ones for you.
They were excellent courgettes though and kept their flavour well. I had several batches of a courgette-based ratatouille/pasta sauce in the freezer which saw me right through into the winter!
Peggy said…
Thanks Scarlett,anything that can be frozen to use over the winter sounds good.
Sue said…
Another great looking harvest. The potatoes are pretty! I enjoyed seeing your allotment before an after photos.

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