Our 15 minutes of Fame!!

What excitement on the plots this morning when we learned that TV Chef Richard Corrigan and his film crew were going to pay us a visit!Saturday mornings are usually one of the busiest mornings on the allotment at this time of year as plotters tidy up and take home any produce that is ready for the weekend.It rained heavily but we had sunshine between the showers and when the film crew arrived the sun stayed out as if by magic so the plots looked their best.Daughter Kathryn and myself with Richard who is holding a cauliflower from Brian's plot which he was taking away to cook this evening. I must say he is a very pleasant man and dare I say it not a bit like his TV persona!
The film crew with Zwena, they walked through all of the plots and Richard was very interested in what everyone was doing.They spent over an hour with us but this will probably be condensed down to a few seconds for TV.Corrigans City Farm which is about fostering allotments and growing your own food will coming back on air on RTE 1 in the autumn
Angela and Peter have the plot next to ours and Richard and Angela exchanged recipes for Broccoli soup.Angela is passionate about food and loves cooking.
After the film crew had left we all repaired to the tearoom for a natter.Zwena had made brown scones with homemade blackcurrant jam,Angela had made a lovely moist Lemon cake and I had brought some of my raspberry/blackcurrant muffins as well.We did not forget to harvest anything ready to go, Potatoes which I think are Kerr's pinks, MORE courgettes,and a red cabbage which I am going to try with one of Angela's recipes.More blackcurrants were ready to be picked also.
A beautiful Gladioli which had opened since we were last out.
It was not all fun and games ,we got through quite a lot of work also.The Brussels sprout bed was uncovered and weeded, all of the yellowing leaves removed and it looked very businesslike when we had finished but I forgot to take a photo of it.I wrapped the Self Blanching Celery with hay, I banked it up around it and tied it in place. This is supposed to help the stalks to turn a lighter colour,the article I was reading said to use straw but there was none to hand so hopefully the hay will do the business.


Jo said…
Wow, Peggy, British Cookery TV WOW! I don't have telly anymore but used to have in West Africa. I followed all the TV chefs. I LOVE your tearoom and the get-together. What a lovely idea. thanks for a DIVINE post. Hugs Jo
mangocheeks said…
Its so nice to see you in person.

It's nice to read the local celebrity chefs take a genuine interest in allotments nearby. I am guessing this show will only be shown in Ireland? I wonder if I can get it via the net.

Your tearoom ethics really make me feel happy and a bit envious. I wish I had a plot on your site!
Catherine said…
Oh that is very exciting Peggy, I look forward to seeing the programme and let us know when it will be on as I can record it on Sky plus. He is a very nice genuine guy and none of the crap of Ramsay and his ilk. Jamie Oliver seems to be another nice chef too, though he will hardly be visiting Cork (though you never know!)I haven't written for a while now as I'm only back from hols and will post photos soon.
All the best, Catherine
Peggy said…
Jo: the tea room is a very important and much appreciated addition to our plots.
Mangocheeks:when it airs again I will have a programme link to it on the blog.Everyone will be well warned of our anticipated appearance!
Catherine,I was surprised, he is totally nice and approachable, as on TV he comes across totally different.I agree about the 'tv chef' syndrome,if their cooking is not good enough to get attention throw in a few F words for effect!
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
This is so exciting! I don't know if we can get Chef Corrigan over here, but I am going to look about on the satellite programs we have.
I have to admit though, the tearoom and refreshments look just as exciting.
The vegetable harvest is beautiful.
I had good luck with my red cabbage this year also, when we were still having rain. Still very hot and dry here.

Have a great day!
Linda said…
What excitement! And your tearoom is such a civilised addition to your site.

Will look forward to seeing the link to the programme from your blog.
You are famous.... well, your allotment is so that makes you as well. What fun and excitement on an otherwise working Saturday. Have a great weekend.
Lynda said…
Hi Peggy, sorry I've been absent for so long but I hope to catch up on everyone's blogs again soon. Thanks so much for all your comments on my blog over the past 3 months I've been away. I am very impressed that you met Richard - how lucky you are, he is a great cook & I know loves to promote seasonal and regional produce. I hope we get the show here (probably in a few years time as we get all the old BBC programmes here in Africa, a few years after they air in the UK !!). Thanks for posting and sharing all your lovely pics !
sharonl said…
wow peggy that so exciting!!! We've been following corrigans cityfarm religiously, I'll be keeping an eye out for you in the autumn. Well done getting your 15 minutes of fame.
Anonymous said…
Isn't that something? How fun to have a TV star in your garden and I'm surprised. You all have worked so hard.

You are the next recipient of Bibo the garden gnome. Congrats! Stop by my blog and read the few rules attached. I'll get him in the mail to ya tomorrow!
Anonymous said…
Your plot on TV, a tearoom to "natter" in and Bilbo too, what a lovely time you're having Peggy! I hope we can get Chef Corrigan on satellite in the USA (hopefully this year)...you are one busy lady, I'm always impressed with all you do and get done.....

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