Slow Food

The first of July was a complete washout in Cork.We headed out to the allotment about 10.30am under a cloudy overcast sky,but it was warm and dry.I pulled the netting from the fruit cage to get down to weeding and the girls helped me to pick the raspberries.I had hardly begun when the showers started.They were heavy but passed over quickly.
I got the recipe for these Oaty Raspberry bars on Allotment2kitchen blog.I made the first batch and left them in for 30mins at Gas mark 6 but they got a bit too done (I was on the phone).I tasted them while they were still warm and thought the raspberries tasted a little bitter but when allowed to go completely cold they were delicious.I made a second batch as you can see what was left on the plate of the first lot!I put them in at gas mark 5 for the 30 mins.

We picked 600grms of Raspberries and just 100grm of Strawberries, there are lots more to ripen so I covered the bed again with the netting.I also pulled up the 3 Borage plants in the bed. They were meant to be companion plants but were more pirates who took over the bed. They grew to 4 feet high and spread as much. I could see our blackcurrant bush stretching its branches rejoicing in the space and light.The borage plants are now consigned to the compost heap where they may do more good.I think they are only suitable for an unused corner of the garden where they can grow year after year.They produce a long tap root which if not pulled out the first year will be impossible to pull. I had to swing out of them to get them out of the ground!I called to our supermarket on the way back, one of the nationals,they had 125grms of raspberries for sale for 1.99e!! Our harvest this morning would have cost in the region of 10.00e!The photo is a little blurred. We had the strawberries with ice cream as there was so little of them.

The heavens opened with a deluge about 12 and we had to run for the tearoom.This photo was taken from the doorway as we sheltered.The Belfast sink is planted up with flowers and makes a lovely focal point, no need to wonder who is going to water it today.We were driving home with our lights on at 12.30 pm!

Another view of the yard area, a tyre planted up and painted.
I will do a complete post on our potato problems tomorrow as the gardeners on the forum have been answering our call for help.
Slow Food Chris has organized a Slow Food Event on the allotments on the 15th August.The Slow Food movement began in Italy to show people there was an alternative to Fast Food, it has spread to other countries and has gained popularity here Ireland.Further info on the movement and past and future events on the Cork blog
Chris is calling the event 'Long table Banquet' 1pm Saturday 15th August
A celebration of local and allotment produce in the idyllic surroundings of the Hydro Farm Allotment
Guests will be treated to canapes and sparkling wine cocktail on arrival with an opportunity to wander around an established allotment with over 40 plots
This will be followed by a 4 course feast with drinks,using the best quality ingredients Cork and the allotments have to offer
Elegant String Music will be provided by Dynamic
Cost 45e Slow Food members 50e non members
Contact Chris 0872061397 for further details.
This will be a full sit down event with china, glassware etc it is not an outdoor BBQ!
I have no details of the menu as yet but watch this space, Chris was a contestant in the Supervalu Competition recently which was televised and he won the Grow,Cook Bake competition. He loves cooking and inventing recipes so a treat is in store.


Jo said…
Peggy, my mouth watered as I saw your delicious oaty bars. Mmm! I love the sound of a slow food banquet with all the elegance of an indoor dinner party. Are you taking part in any of the food supplied? Thanks for sharing. (((Hugs))) Jo
Peggy said…
Hi Jo, I am not officially supplying any food but Chris will be able to use anything he needs from the plots.

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