Seeking New Zealand Pen friend

While going through old boxes of photos and papers I came across an old bundle of letters and cards.I wrote to a girl in New Zealand as a pen friend many years ago when we were both young mothers with small families.The photo is of Peter and Daryll Moore and the address on the letters is Taranaki,New Zealand.
Pen friends were popular back then in the days before the world became smaller through the computer age.Seeing the post man arrive with a letter or package was always exciting.
The letters began in July 1970 and the last one I have is dated April 1974, they began all of 39 years ago!Daryll had 4 children at the time, Cathryn who would be around 43 years old now, Jennifer who would be 41 and twins Bruce and Brendan who would be 39 probably with families of their own now.
We exchanged letters, cards, knitting patterns and small souvenir gifts of our respective countries.I have moved house a number of times since then and maybe Daryll has too. I know some blog readers from NZ stop by from time to time and maybe someone would know something.
Its a long shot but I will wait in expectation!
The cutest blog on the block I spent ages last night turning my blog into a 3 column page and changing the background with TCBOTB templates. I was able to follow their clear instructions and hey presto but I need to change the margins between the centre and side panels, maybe someone would have some ideas on how to go about it. It seems a waste of space to have everything squashed in the middle and large empty margins at the sides!
Where in the World is...Bilbo I have just read my comments to the previous post and to my surprise Anna has broken the momentous news that Bilbo is coming to the Emerald Isle to me!To find out about Bilbo and his journey around the world go to Anna Flowergardengirl blog where he is currently residing and getting the grand tour of the South.He began his worldwide travels from Dirt Princess in Alabama, he has been travelling the world from April 2009 to October 2009 and the story and pictures of where he has been are all on her blog HERE
I have had an eventful few hours getting all this news and putting the blog together!


Jo said…
Hi Peggy, wow your new-look blog is STUNNING! Well done. I'm hoping to be in North Africa over the period when my blog is one year old. I'll have lots of time on my hands and had also thought of upgrading the look a bit. I trust you are successful in locating your pen-friend. I'm also from the pen-pal era! Thanks for a lovely post. Hugs Jo
Anonymous said…
blog looks great you will have to call and give me lessons!thats a good idea about the pen pal what are the chances of finding her?did you find any photos of the old school plays while you were cleaning,i think you have one that i was in!!
Anonymous said…
that previous comment should have been signed kathleen!
Came over from Dirt Princess, great blog!!
Love your new look. Have no idea how to change the size of the columns though.

I hope you get to find your pen pal again. That would be awesome.
HeatherF1 said…
I just came over from the Dirt Princess. Great blog! My hubby and I were over in Dublin and Southern Ireland 4 years ago, and loved it. It is actually very similar weather and plant wise to where I am in Oregon, except we get warmer weather in the summer.
I am part of a "community garden plot" in my town, it is about 5 minutes by car for us, and it has been a lot of fun. My kids love going there, working in it, eating berries, watching their pumpkins grow, etc. It is quite the international garden, as well, with people from all over the world gardening. Lots of fun!
Peggy said…
Thank you for all of your comments, and welcome to 2 new visitors over from Dirt Princess.I make a point of visiting in return and have been to Writers Porch which is a terrific blog but I cannot get onto HeatherF1, so if you are reading this Heather leave your blog details for me.
keewee said…
Peggy, sorry I don't know any NZ bloggers. Hope you find your long lost pen pal.
I like the look of your new layout.

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