Raspberries and pumpkins

The girls had summer camp today and for the remainder of the week, it is held in their school and lots of sporting activities take place.Kevin and I picked them up and we headed up to the allotment for a while and ended up staying over 3 hours. The showers stopped and it was sunny if windy. They picked another 600grms of raspberries which I made into jam when I got home again using the 'Simply Delicious' method ( see previous post)A handful of strawberries and I picked the only 2 blueberries and popped them in my mouth! The netting had not been secured properly the last day and had blown off some of the fruit so I think the birds got to them first.
It was Kevin's first day on the plot since he was sick so they went down to check on their pumpkins and what a surprise we got. Kevin's and Aoife's are about 10 ft long with 4 or 5 baby pumpkins on them.
Sinead was a bit disappointed as her one is still quite small compared to the others but it is now putting out a runner and may catch up soon.
Aoife quite impressed with her pumpkin when we realised just how big it was.Brian and his wife on the bottom plot nearest the pumpkin patch water them when they are watering their own plot.
Our broccoli (calabrese) plants are still small so I was more than surprised to see a small head taking shape in one.I weeded the bed and moved the netting up a bit as they were pressing up against it.
I spent most of the time just weeding as they are rampant after all the rain.The girls and Kevin picked potatoes for a while and had a nice bag to take home.The Orla and Colleens are now finished so the Charlottes are next to be tasted.


Anonymous said…
peggy,check out my blog at www.talesfromagarden.blogspot.com !
its still in its infancy just learning how to do things with it!
The Tile Lady said…
GORGEOUS garden shots, Peggy! How are you????? I missed you so much while I was gone. Was glad to see your comment on my post. Will be back to visit really soon and check out some of what I have missed....Till then, all my best!
What a delight for the children to see how their garden labours are paying off. One of my life missions is teaching children where their food comes from.

Tell Sinead not to worry - I thought my butternut squashes were all completely dead but they've made a miraculous, if not slow, recovery. Have patience Sinead!

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