New Grandson!

Little or no gardening done this week or blogging either and for a very good reason, a new grandson arrived on Friday 17th July. This is not so little Jack Brandon White on fri evening just a few hours old. He weighed in at 9 lbs!
Jack after arriving home yesterday, a very good baby who eats, sleeps and smiles at everyone when he is awake.
The three amigos,big brother Kevin,Scott and new brother Jack.


mangocheeks said…
Boys, boys, boys

Congratulations Granma Peggy
the three musketeers!
saw him already this morning on aislings facebook page!at least he must be good to allow her time to upload the pictures of the new enlarged family, he is lovely with his big brothers!
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
Congratulations! Jack is a cutie pie!
Big brothers Kevin and Scott are too.

Jo said…
Oh congratulations Gran-Peg! I love boys and these three are most handsome young men. I have missed seeing you and now I know why;)
(((Hugs))) Jo South Africa
Linda said…
Congratulations! A good crop of boys!!
Peggy said…
Hi everyone and thank you for the good wishes.

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